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The relentless hustle and bustle of city life can become exhausting after a while, leading many to seek the quiet life. Liberty offers the ideal setting for such a way of life. This beautiful town has become a shining example in the pleasures of living in a peaceful place surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. Here, you can savor each moment without feeling rushed to get from point A to point B. There’s also an interesting social calendar filled with events that attract people from all over the state, and when it comes to work and other commitments, the big city of New York is just a pleasant ride away with our Liberty car service.

Your Personalized Transportation Service

At Islip Limo Car Service, we have always been guided by a philosophy of putting the interests of our clients above everything else. Ever since our inception, the focus of our management and our service staff, especially our chauffeurs, is to deliver the best travel experience, making it easy for you to want to choose our services as your primary option.

The passion we have for serving you has driven us to create a brand that is associated with our premium, luxurious Liberty limo service. The reason we have been able to stand apart from the competition is because we offer diverse solutions that are tailor-made to serve every client’s specific needs and requirements. Whether you travel solo to attend a business meeting or you’re traveling with your family and friends for an fun night out, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered. 

Over the past few years, we have been able to establish ourselves as a front runner in the industry by delivering a car service that is top of the line as well as safe. In fact, it is our emphasis on safety that has led our clients to choose and recommend our Liberty car service over and over again.

The reason we have taken giant strides towards our mission is due to the outstanding fleet of modern vehicles that we have carefully chosen. Each vehicle is put through a strict maintenance routine to minimize any technical or mechanical issues that may arise during each ride. Our fleet also features the latest in safety and navigational technology that ensures that you reach your destination well ahead of time by taking the shortest route possible.

The daily commute has become an important aspect of our modern lives, and we have designed our Liberty limo service to ensure that you feel the most comfortable when you step inside our premium vehicles. The chauffeur behind the wheel plays an important role too, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of a comfortable, and more importantly, a safe ride experience every time.

At Islip Limo Car Service, we are a team composed of energetic, dedicated and skillful customer care executives who are as dedicated to our brand as we are.

Reserve one of our premium Liberty car service vehicles and experience a new level of travel today.