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10 Things Nobody Told You About Visiting New York

Posted on: August 14th, 2018
Visiting New York

1. Explore outside of Manhattan. When most people think of New York, they only imagine the area of Manhattan. In reality, there is so much more to explore outside of this neighborhood. A reliable limo service is a great way to get out to see more of the real New York.   2. Taxis are […]


Get Comfortable on Your Next Plane Ride with These 3 Tips

Posted on: August 7th, 2018
plane ride

Everyone loves to travel. No, that may not be necessarily accurate. Perhaps what we enjoy is arriving at new places, discover new cultures, and the sense of adventure that comes with traveling. The process of traveling, on the other hand, may not be as enjoyable especially when you have to be confined to a single […]


3 Hidden Gems to Explore in Long Island

Posted on: July 31st, 2018
long island

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget that there is magic all around us; we forget to take the time to explore and discover, that’s what really gives life its flavor, don’t you think? Well, don’t be so hard in yourself, in one way or another, we are all […]


Beat the Heat with These Popular Indoor Activities in NYC

Posted on: July 24th, 2018
indoor activities

It’s easy to assume that winter is the only time of the year when we hibernate, but during summer when the sun is out, we are always out and about. Well, if you think about it, both extremes have the capacity to keep us cooped up indoors. The heat during summer can become overwhelming, and […]


Long Island Events and Activities: Summer 2018

Posted on: July 17th, 2018
long island

When summer commences, Long Island starts to feel like one huge Spring Break; everyone breaks out their swim suits, flip-flops, and camo shorts. Islip Limo offers the best limo service Long Island residents and tourists can rely on. As is tradition in Long Island, there are numerous events lined up for summer and we have […]


4 Summer Travel Tips For a Stress-Free Vacation

Posted on: July 10th, 2018

Well, the long-awaited summer season is here, and we know that most people have summer vacations and getaways planned. Our New York airport transportation service understands that vacation traveling can be tricky, especially when everyone is out and about trying to make the most of the sunny season. The first step to ensuring that you […]


Exciting Independence Day Events Scheduled to Go Down in New York this Year

Posted on: July 3rd, 2018
independence day

One of the things that makes summer so special is how it kicks off – with Independence Day celebrations. Every year, New York is flooded with Independence Day-themed events and festivals and it can become a little confusing which ones to attend and which ones to forgo. Well, this year you have a partner in […]


4 Great Tips for a Comfortable Hotel Stay

Posted on: June 26th, 2018

Most hotels that offer accommodations also offer luxuries that surpass the comforts of our own bedrooms. However, these luxurious amenities come at a cost; but they are unavoidable unless you want to go for sterile and outdated alternatives. If your line of work demands that you do a lot of traveling or if you frequently […]


3 Best Bars for your Long Island Pub Crawl

Posted on: June 19th, 2018

Do you have a night out planned with the gang any time soon? We know that you love the local pub, but why don’t you venture out this time and explore what other joints have to offer. You may be wondering where to begin; well, you can kick off your night at your local pub […]


4 Exciting Events Scheduled for New York this June

Posted on: June 12th, 2018

The beginning of June essentially marks the beginning of summer even though the official date has been set for the 21st. Nonetheless, the sun is out and New York City, as usual, plans to take full advantage of this. Parks are packed, colors are bright, and outdoor activities are in full swing. We are just […]