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Islip Limo is a premier limousine and ground transportation company. We operate throughout Long Island, New Jersey, and the New York City area, providing a range of different transport services, including Manhattan limo services, airport transfer services in New York, and corporate shuttle services in New York. Our number one priority is to ensure that each and every one of our passengers has a transport experience that is safe, secure, and comfortable. At Islip Limo, we’re here to exceed your expectations.

In order to preserve your safety and security, Islip Limo adheres to a rigorous body of rules, regulations, and standards when we transport clients. We’re confident that our duty of care standards are among the strictest in the industry. At Islip Limo, we’re confident that there is no one more qualified to meet your transportation needs.

Experienced, Professional Drivers

Islip Limo employs the most professional, experienced drivers in the greater New York City area. All of our drivers are experienced, knowledgeable, and highly committed to providing every passenger with the best experience possible. Before a driver gets behind the wheels of one of our cars, he or she is thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure that they have absolutely no criminal record and no driving offenses. Once employed by Islip Limo, our drivers are held to the highest code of conduct.

Sophisticated, Dependable Vehicles

At Islip Limo, we have an impressive fleet of luxury sedans, SUVs, vans, stretch limousines, and limo buses. We maintain and clean our vehicles regularly to maximize the safety and comfort of your ride with us. In addition, we are in complete compliance with all the relevant standards and regulations, and all of our vehicles are fully insured and maintained to the extent and beyond what is required by law.

High-Limit Liability Insurance

Islip Limo is committed to protecting you at all times, even if something goes wrong. That is why all of our drivers have high-limit liability insurance policies, which can be used to ensure all of your needs are met in the advent of an accident. Furthermore, as a company, we also have our own blanket insurance coverage in order to meet or exceed any shortfalls that might exist with a driver’s policy.

Advanced Technology

All of our transportation services are supported by robust technology. This allows us to protect your safety, security, and well-being. From keeping drivers aware of local traffic conditions that could affect your journey to monitoring weather conditions, our commitment to advanced technology allows us to better serve you.

We Value Your Opinion

At Islip Limo, we are always looking for ways to improve upon our services and better serve our customers, which is why we value your feedback. We know that our customers are the key to making our services better, and invite you to participate in our customer satisfaction surveys and driver evaluations. At Islip Limo, no opinion is more important than the opinion of a customer.

We’re confident in the quality of the transportation services we provide, and can’t wait to meet your transportation needs. We look forward to serving you soon.