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Stepping out of John F. Kennedy International Airport, the vibrant pulse of New York City beats through the air. As the terminal doors part, what awaits you is not just another ordinary ride but an odyssey in luxury. Picture yourself sinking into the sumptuous leather seats of a Cadillac XTS or a Lincoln Continental, cradled in a cocoon of elegance as your chauffeur charts the smoothest course through the city’s veins. This is Islip Limo's JFK Car Service, where sophistication meets simplicity, and each mile traveled is a celebration of your exceptional choice.

Why opt for merely good when you can experience premium limousine services with Islip Limo? Our JFK Airport Transportation offers not just a ride but an elevated experience, where the hum of engines and city noise are replaced by the tranquil atmosphere inside your private sanctuary on wheels. Slide into the oasis of comfort that is our Cadillac SUV or Mercedes Sprinter as state-of-the-art amenities convert travel time into moments of absolute leisure. Your journey with us will not just be luxurious; it will be monumental as if you are not merely traveling but sailing through the city on a cloud of supreme comfort and tranquility.

Corporate Shuttle Service to JFK Airport

Our dedicated corporate shuttle service provides a direct connection to JFK Airport, catering specifically to companies, businesses, and other entities that require reliable and efficient transportation for their employees, guests, and business partners. Whether facilitating daily employee commutes, transporting guests to conferences, or ensuring timely arrivals for business meetings at JFK, our service guarantees professionalism and comfort on every journey.

Customized Limousine Services and Rates

We warmly welcome you to our exclusive transportation services for JFK Airport, where your comfort, time, and security are our priorities. Our mission is to make your transition from JFK to your destination not just a journey but a premium experience tailored to your preferences and requirements. Embrace the Islip way, where we ensure every mile of your ground travel is as refined and stress-free as your flight.

Proactive Flight Tracking

We believe in anticipation and preparation. Our flight tracking technology allows us to monitor your flight's progress in real-time, ensuring that your chauffeur is perfectly aligned with your actual arrival time. This means no matter the status of your flight—early, delayed, or on schedule—your chauffeur will be at JFK airport, ready to assist you, ensuring you're never left waiting.

Customized Meet & Greet

Begin your New York adventure or business trip with Islip's Customized Meet & Greet service. Available for an additional $30 plus parking fees, this executive service ensures that one of our courteous chauffeurs greets you inside JFK. They will assist with your luggage, guiding you promptly to your waiting luxury vehicle, facilitating a swift and elegant start to your visit.

Considerate Wait Time Policy

Islip recognizes the complexities of modern travel and has crafted a wait time policy that is convenient for you. After your flight lands, enjoy a complimentary wait time of 15 minutes for local pickups, 45 minutes for domestic arrivals, and 60 minutes for international arrivals. Should your adventure through JFK take a bit longer, we provide additional wait time at modest rates, allowing you the flexibility to move at your pace without pressure.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Our commitment to your safety is unwavering. Every Islip chauffeur is selected for their driving excellence, professional integrity, and dedication to passenger safety. We ensure that your journey from JFK, whether traveling alone, with family, or in a group, is conducted under the highest safety standards. We offer child and booster seats for our youngest passengers for $25, guaranteeing a safe and snug ride for everyone.

JFK Airport Limo Service to Long Island

Long Island's beauty is its ultimate gift, and what better way to immerse yourself than by landing into the welcoming arms of our Limo Service JFK to Long Island? As you disembark at JFK, let the opulence of our service captivate your senses. Think of our limousines as grand ballrooms on wheels, where the orchestra of the city plays a backdrop to your personalized comfort.

Journeying towards the illustrious Oheka Castle for a weekend retreat? Trust our Limo to JFK from Long Island service to harmonize your travel itinerary with the rhythm of luxury. You're not just going from one point to another; you're transcending through a narrative where every moment is a crafted scene in your unique story. The projected rate for a sedan service from JFK to Oheka Castle stands at $206*.

Car Services to JFK from Suffolk County

Suffolk County boasts an intriguing blend of natural beauty and historic landmarks. From the wistful Montauk Point Lighthouse to the hustle of downtown Huntington, Suffolk County is an eclectic mix that deserves an equally unique transport experience. Our Car Service to JFK from Suffolk County takes you through this vibrant landscape in a cocoon of unparalleled luxury.

We understand that you might be leaving behind the laid-back atmosphere of Sag Harbor or the buzzing boardwalks of Fire Island. But stepping into our vehicles ensures the spirit of Suffolk accompanies you right up to JFK Airport. Think of our limousines as a microcosm of the county’s rich tapestry, a place where the splendor of your environment melds seamlessly with the high point of modern luxury.

Car Services from Jersey City to JFK

Jersey City, with its picturesque waterfront and skyline, deserves a grand farewell as you make your way to JFK. Our Car Service from Jersey City to JFK ensures this with the sleek luxury of the Cadillac XTS. As you pass through the Holland Tunnel and cross the East River, your skilled chauffeur navigates the labyrinthine roads with the proficiency of a cartographer drawing a precise map. By the time you arrive at JFK, you'll feel as though you've transcended a mere commute and have been a part of something grander, something befitting your aspirations.

Car Services from JFK to Philadelphia

The journey from JFK to the City of Brotherly Love should imbue a sense of historic grandeur, much like Philadelphia, where landmarks like the Liberty Bell ring through the annals of American history. Our Car Service from JFK to Philadelphia in a Lincoln Continental elevates that experience to new heights. As the skyscrapers of New York recede in the rearview mirror, you'll be ensconced in a setting that mirrors the executive chambers of a Fortune 500 company, complete with heated seats and a top-of-the-line sound system. Your chauffeur is a connoisseur of routes, taking you seamlessly through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania, making each mile a brushstroke on a larger canvas of luxury and efficiency.

Car Services from Westchester to JFK

Starting your journey near the famed Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate, Westchester's leafy enclaves and elegant neighborhoods serve as the perfect prologue for a journey to JFK. With our Car Service from Westchester to JFK, the Cadillac CT6 becomes your mobile palace of luxury. As you sweep past the rolling hills and stately homes, you'll notice how the ambient lighting inside the car complements your mood. The navigation is seamless, almost poetic, as your chauffeur turns each bend and highway stretch into a stanza in an ode to elegant travel. The rates for a sedan service from JFK to Westchester County range from $230 to $298*.

Bergen County Car Service to JFK

A departure from the suburban tranquility of Bergen County - home to the captivating natural allure of the Palisades Interstate Park - to the bustling corridors of JFK calls for an experience that is both restorative and invigorating. Our Bergen County Car Service to JFK offers just that in our Cadillac SUV. As you climb aboard, the car's spacious interiors give way to a suite of amenities tailored to your comfort. It's as if you've stepped into a private lounge, where your chauffeur, adept in the art of hospitality and navigation, guides you to JFK with an almost orchestral precision. The quoted price for a sedan service from JFK to Palisades Interstate Park reads $248*.

Car Service from Albany to JFK

Albany, a blend of historical gravitas and scenic beauty, calls for a transition that's nothing short of spectacular as you journey to JFK. Our Car Service from Albany to JFK envelops you in the sheer indulgence of our Chevrolet SUV. The road ahead unfurls like an epic tale of adventure, narrated by the hum of the engine and orchestrated by your skillful chauffeur. Imagine driving past the Empire State Plaza, a striking modernist complex that stands as Albany's architectural crown jewel, and feeling that sense of connection between two icons—the city and yourself. By the time you reach JFK, it's not just a drive you've completed; it's a chapter in your personal epic of luxury travel. The estimated rates for a sedan ride from JFK to Albany start from $650*.

Car Service from the Bronx to JFK

The Bronx, a borough with an electric personality and a pulsating rhythm, deserves an equally dynamic journey to JFK. Step into our Mercedes Sprinter for our Car Service from the Bronx to JFK, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a VIP lounge on wheels. The multi-zone climate control creates a microclimate tailored to your comfort. As you traverse the Grand Concourse and reach the expressways leading to JFK, your chauffeur crafts an experience that's less of a service and more of a curated journey, making your transition from the Bronx to JFK a masterpiece of luxurious travel. The estimated rates for a sedan ride from JFK to the Bronx range from $190*.

Car Service from Patchogue to JFK

Patchogue's charming ambiance, a mix of laid-back coastal lifestyle and a burgeoning arts scene, near landmarks like the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, is a haven before the buzz of JFK. Our Patchogue to JFK Car Service takes this experience to the next level. Imagine you're encased in a bubble of sheer luxury, a Cadillac CT6, perhaps, where the hum of the world fades into a soft, distant murmur. Our chauffeur is your guide, not just through the roads but through an elevated travel experience—ushering you smoothly from Patchogue's quaint streets to the expansive gates of JFK. The expected fare for hiring a sedan from JFK to Patchogue is $234*.

Best Car Service from JFK to Manhattan

Manhattan— the epitome of glamor, ambition, and ceaseless pace, home to the iconic Empire State Building. Your travel between JFK and the city's beating heart should resonate with the same ethos. Our Best Car Service from JFK to Manhattan is an embodiment of that energy but clad in the sublime comfort of a Lincoln Continental. The skyscrapers in the distance inch closer as you recline in your seat, wrapped in the car's calming aura. Your chauffeur maneuvers skillfully through traffic, acting as the maestro of a finely-tuned orchestra, bringing you into the city that never sleeps in style and grace. From JFK to Manhattan, the estimated fare for a sedan ride is $165*.

Car Service from JFK to Times Square

Times Square—a dazzling mosaic of lights, energy, and relentless ambition. Our Car Service from JFK to Times Square embodies this vibrancy while offering an oasis of tranquility. As you slide into our Chevrolet SUV, the intensity of JFK fades away, replaced by a calming atmosphere that allows you to recharge. Your chauffeur conducts this symphony of comfort and efficiency, ensuring that you emerge in Times Square not just physically but emotionally invigorated. The anticipated cost of hiring a sedan from JFK to Times Square is $165*.

Car Service from Huntington to JFK

With its lush parks and harbors, Huntington offers a slice of tranquility before the global hustle of JFK. Our Car Service from Huntington to JFK comes to life in a Chevrolet SUV, an emblem of American resilience and comfort. As you leave the environs of the Oheka Castle, you'll find that the drive has the feel of an unfolding epic, with your chauffeur acting as the seasoned narrator. Your arrival at JFK becomes a poetic denouement, a satisfying end to a beautifully crafted story. A sedan ride from JFK to Huntington is expected to cost $206*.

Car Service from JFK to Montauk

The journey from JFK to Montauk is a scenic descent into coastal tranquility, best enjoyed in the spaciousness of our Mercedes Sprinter. The trip becomes an unfolding canvas painted with the hues of the Atlantic Ocean and the Hamptons' elite estates. Your chauffeur plays the part of both an artist and curator, guiding you with skillful strokes through the changing landscapes. As you pull into Montauk, perhaps near the iconic Montauk Point Lighthouse, you'll realize that this drive was not just a service; it was an odyssey of luxury. The calculated rate for using a sedan service from JFK to Montauk is $483*.

Car Service from JFK to Stamford CT

Stamford, a hub of corporate vitality, demands a service that mirrors its entrepreneurial spirit. Our Car Service from JFK to Stamford, CT, turns the trip into an executive retreat. As you leave JFK, the bustling energy of the airport gradually gives way to the corporate skyscrapers of Stamford, reminiscent of a changing portfolio of ambitions. Your chauffeur, highly trained in the geometry of routes and roads, ensures that by the time you reach your destination, perhaps the Stamford Marriott Hotel, you're ready for any business challenge that lies ahead.

Secure Your Premium JFK Airport Limo Service Experience Today

There's a symphony of logistics behind every journey, a composition that fuses timing, comfort, and reliability into a seamless experience. We invite you to be the guest of honor in this orchestrated production, orchestrated by our team of seasoned chauffeurs and a fleet of luxury vehicles that include:

  • Cadillac XTS,
  • Lincoln Continental,
  • Cadillac CT6,
  • Cadillac SUV,
  • Chevrolet SUV,
  • Mercedes Sprinter.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can travel in a harmonious blend of elegance and efficiency? Call us today at (516) 628-6535, or e-mail us at info@isliplimocarservice.com to secure your reservation and experience the apex of luxury ground transportation. Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or a special occasion, our JFK Airport Transportation promises an unparalleled experience that turns each mile into a lasting memory. Don't just travel—elevate your journey with us.

*Disclaimer: The estimated rates provided on our website are intended for general informational purposes only and may not accurately reflect the actual service cost for your specific needs or vehicle type.


How do I book a JFK car service?

To book a JFK car service with Islip Limo Car Service, you can either call us at (516) 628-6535 or (631) 983-6927, or use the 'Reservations' button on our website to schedule your transportation.

What types of vehicles do you offer for JFK car service?

Islip Limo Car Service offers a diverse range of vehicles for JFK Airport Transportation, including luxury sedans, SUVs, stretch limousines, and vans, all designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious ride.

Can I request a specific vehicle for my JFK car service?

Yes, with Islip Limo Car Service, you can request a specific vehicle for your JFK car service, allowing you to travel in comfort and style that suits your preferences.

Do you provide JFK car service for both arrivals and departures?

Yes, we provide JFK car service for arrivals and departures, ensuring seamless, comfortable, and timely transportation for all your airport travel needs.

Are your chauffeurs knowledgeable about the best routes to and from JFK Airport?

Yes, our chauffeurs at Islip Limo Car Service are highly knowledgeable about the best routes to and from JFK Airport, ensuring that you reach your destination efficiently and with minimal delay.

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