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A small and beautiful village on the South Shore of Long Island that is known for being very popular with the New York City theater community, Freeport has many sights that visitors can enjoy. It is the perfect spot to get away from the city noise for a relaxing vacation. The village, known officially as The Incorporated Village of Freeport, has many to offer future residents, from the arts and culture scene to excellent education facilities and a booming economic center. Whether you are in town for relaxation purposes or on a business trip, you can choose our Freeport limo service to receive a premium car ride to your destination.


At Islip Limo, we have years of experience in the car transportation industry, and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best luxury limo service available in the New York State area. Our dependable chauffeurs are highly trained professionals that know how to adapt even in the most difficult traffic situations. At the same time, our fleet of premium vehicles is diverse enough to meet any client’s transportation needs. We take into account every client’s feedback and collaborate with experts in order to maintain our services up to par and exceed expectations. This is how we managed to be one of the top choices in terms of limo service companies in all of New York State, and have an ever-growing list of loyal clients that always choose Islip Limo over other alternatives.

At Islip Limo you can find the best vehicle for any occasion including corporate transportation, sporting events, concerts, anniversaries, or just for a fun night out in the town. 

Ever since the beginning of our long-standing business, we prioritized giving our chauffeurs the best training available. When clients hire our limo service, they can have the premium car service experience they deserve. Every candidate who passes the recruitment process has to possess multiple attributes, from being an experienced and skilled driver to having the utmost respect for their profession and clients. After going through a thorough background check and a set of practical examinations that test these exact qualities, our chauffeurs go through additional training so they can expertly use our navigation system and be able to pick the best route to any destination.

While many might find this extensive training process excessive, we believe it is what sets us apart from the competition. As clients of car transportation companies ourselves, we knew right off the bat, it is essential to have competent and courteous chauffeurs for our customers to experience a hassle-free car service experience. And as we encourage our clients to give us feedback with each car ride they have with us, we have seen thousands of appreciation messages for our polite and professional chauffeurs.

In addition to having skilled chauffeurs, we also spent hours upon hours selecting the premium vehicles in our fleet. We understand how car transportation needs can differ from person to person and how crucial it is to keep up to date with the latest luxury vehicles to provide maximum comfort to our clients. This is why we have a diverse fleet with fully insured, excellently maintained vehicles that are equipped with luxury amenities. 

From the sleek and comfortable town cars like the Cadillac XTS and Cadillac CT6 to the more private luxurious SUVs, and even the spacious but still elegant Mercedes Sprinters, we offer our clients a varied selection of vehicles so they can enjoy a comfortable ride. We know how important it is for our clients to ride in style. So if you choose our Freeport car service, you can take your pick from all these refined vehicles. If you want to learn more about our selection of vehicles, please visit the “Fleet” section of our website.

We also pride ourselves on having an excellent customer support team that can help you with any question or issue 24/7. We want you to have the smoothest car service experience possible, so in case you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service employees. You can do so by emailing us at info@isliplimocarservice.com, or by calling or texting one of the following phone numbers: (800) 643-3816, (631) 983-6927, (516) 628-6535.

If you are ready to book our Freeport limo service, then please click on the “Book now” button below to be redirected to our quick and easy to use online booking system. Provide us with only a few essential information like the pick-up point and the drop-off location, pick the perfect vehicle for you, and be ready with your reservation in a couple of minutes. 

We also recommend downloading our free mobile app available both on the App Store and Google Play in order to keep up with your reservation and be in direct communication with your chauffeur. You can also use our application to make last-minute changes to your reservation details, and even change your vehicle. 

If you are left with any spare time while visiting Freeport and want to explore the area, then some popular spots you must see are the Freeport Memorial Library, the Freeport Farmers Market, and the Freeport Recreation Center. Freeport’s Nautical Mile is the best place to visit when you are hungry. You can always take your pick from the various seaside restaurants on this famous street like Paradise on the Mile, Elliot’s on the Mile, or River House Grille. In case you haven’t booked any accommodation for your visit to Freeport, then we definitely recommend The Freeport Inn and Marina for a beautiful view of the canal. 

Our chauffeurs know the lay of the land like the back of the hand, and if you choose our Freeport car service, they will be able to pick you up at any of these popular spots. Our number one priority is giving you a stress-free, luxurious limo service experience! Whether you are going to a business meeting, a special event, or just visiting the area of Freeport, then choose us to enjoy a luxurious, stress-free car ride and to arrive at your destination in a timely manner.

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