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Business and Pleasure: 4 Facts about New York you Probably Didn’t Know

New York is a global business hub and it is not unlikely that you have, or regularly visit, the Empire State for business purposes. However, have you ever stopped to consider that there may be more to this global powerhouse than meets the eye? Well, this may not be your main concern on a business trip, but our Bronx car service specialists thought it would be interesting to share a few little-known facts about New York that you probably haven’t had the time to uncover. We also recommend visiting some of these sites in between breaks on your next Empire State business trip.

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It is estimated that roughly 40% of New York residents were born in a foreign country, so it comes as no surprise that there will be a wide variety of languages spoken in the city. But can you guess how many languages there are? Well, there are over 800 different languages spoken in the state of New York alone. Amazing, right? Some of these languages include Garifuna and Quechua, languages that are actually going extinct in their countries of origin.

Central Park Bird Species

When you think of birds in Central Park you probably just think of pigeons, but birdwatchers have recorded over 270 bird species in the park. That is more than a quarter of all bird species recorded in Northern America, which is 800 species. Most of these species are migrating birds, but watchers have been known to spot over 100 species in a single day.

The NYC ‘Big Apple’ Nickname

Rumor has it that the nickname ‘Big Apple’ was given to New York City because there is an apple tree on every street. The truth, however, is that the city got its nickname from a local newspaper’s 1920s horse racing column. The phrase was used to refer to huge prizes at top-level horse races around New York City. 

Staten Island Secession from NYC

In the 1980s, Staten Island was scantily represented in the City Council and, out of frustration, Staten Island statesmen campaigned for its secession from the rest of the New York City. These politicians advocated for the establishment of the City of Staten Island, but while most Staten Island residents supported this cause, the City ultimately voted against the secession; the matter comes to an official conclusion in 1993.



Posted on Apr 09 2019

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