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As a company with years of experience and drivers who have experienced a wide variety of situations, along with the customers, we can safely state that traveling to and from an airport, after a long, tiring flight, can be extremely annoying. Except for having to plan yet another trip, organize your schedule and stay focused on way too many details, you might also end up traveling with unprofessional, rude drivers, cars in poor condition or following routes that aren’t the shortest or more pleasant.

If you, yourself have been in this position too many times, the time has come for you to choose a car service that can offer you the highest quality in terms of transportation services. Islip Limo is Long Island's finest limo company. We are a reliable, safe and professional limousine company service that can offer you a lot more. Do you need to travel from Islip to Long Island, from New York City to Hamptons? Are you in a hurry, anxious that you might miss a flight, a person you love or a business partner? Choose to ride with Islip Limo and forget about all that.

What Islip Limo is extremely good at is security and high standards. We aim to ensure secure and affordable journeys from and to any place, particularly flights, commercial and private activities and highway rides. Our staff understands how essential it is for you to be able to spend nothing more than the necessary amount on such a trip, which is why we are very careful to meet your transport needs.

Whether you need to book transportation with Islip car service for airport transfer or for a simple city tour, we are available for you and ready to satisfy all your requirements.

Whenever your business or leisure trips bring you to Long Island, Islip or the Hamptons, you can take advantage of the finest and most personalized car company. The best way to appreciate our top service today is to contact us and visit one of our highly equipped limousines, SUVs or vans.

Are you travelling for business purposes together with partners or colleagues? Do you need larger vehicles for your journey? You have come to the right place. We are ready to meet all our clients’ transport requirements, such as airport transfers, pick-ups, trips, tours etc.

Besides picking Islip Limo for the quality of the modern vehicles and good reputation, there are other factors to be taken into consideration. From a practical perspective, you should remember that our car service strives to offer reliable and on-time transportation services, online booking, support, advanced reservations, no surge prices etc. From an aesthetical and comfort perspective, traveling in a private van, luxury sedan or limo can change your whole traveling experience. Are you looking for a group experience? Ask for a tour from Islip Limo and enjoy the views, the air, the politeness of the staff, as well as the exquisite tourist objectives of the area.

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