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Sagaponack NY Limo Service

Quick question: which zip code in New York had the most expensive real estate in 2018? The answer is the quaint village of Sagaponack in The Hamptons. You may wonder why a low-key province would boast the highest land prices. The answer to that lies in its calm, peaceful surroundings, coupled with the fact that the bustling business districts are just a car ride away. Our Sagaponack car service aims to provide an ideal, peaceful ride from this comfortable residential area to the beating heart of New York City. 

Your Number One Choice 

When you choose to make a green countryside your living residence, the ride to and from the city should reflect the premium lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself and your family. With a luxurious fleet of cars, we ensure that you arrive at your chosen destination in slick style.  Imagine making an entrance at that important meeting with our Sagaponack limo service; the positive impression it brings about will elevate you to a major corporate player. And that is exactly our endeavour: to bring to you an elevated level of service that fits the profile you have worked so hard to achieve. 

At Islip Limo, we put ourselves through an equal amount of hard work and dedication that results in a premium, sophisticated ride; but more importantly, a safe and smooth one as well. Our efforts are reflected in our diverse fleet of cars that range from the luxurious Cadillac XTS Sedan to the spacious Chevrolet SUV. We even have at our disposal a Mercedes Sprinter that makes an ideal vehicle to transport your friends and loved ones for a grand party or even a marriage reception. 

Our corporate motto has been to build a Sagaponack car service that takes care of each and every requirement you may have. Whether you are attending an important event, a high-profile business meeting, or looking to ferry your extended family to the wedding reception, we’ve got you covered. To ensure that you experience only the safest, smoothest ride, our fleet is put through an extensive maintenance schedule. Any mechanical or technical glitch is rectified and prevented before it becomes an issue. 

Apart from our fleet, our dedicated team of customer care executives performs a vital function of providing a smooth booking service. We pay an obsessive amount of attention to detail when it comes to hiring personnel who reflect Islip Limo’s best face. Any time of the day or any time during the week, they are available just a phone call away to reserve the most comfortable and luxurious ride to the city. You can also experience true comfort with our Sagaponack airport transportation which will pick you up and drop you off ready and refreshed for your onward flight. 

Booking transportation with us is an easy, seamless process. You can call our polite, well-trained executives, or simply tap the icon on our exclusive app. You can also check out our website for more info before reserving your ride. We look forward to having you on board to experience the very best with our Sagaponack car service

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