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Does wearable technology have a place in Business Travel?

Frequent business travelers know what a drag being on the road can be. Sleeping in hotels, dealing with strangers and having to handle the stress of airports or driving can be bad enough. Still, you've also got to make sure that you're fully prepared and know exactly when and where all of your meetings, presentations, business lunches and dinners are. Luckily, your smartphone or tablet can easily handle these tasks for you. However, the rise of wearable technology has the potential to add another level of comfort and convenience to your next business trip.

Don't Let Your Business Trip Prevent You from Meeting Your Fitness Goals

Along with smart watches, fitness trackers are the other main type of wearable technology and one that can be a huge benefit to anyone who finds themselves constantly on the road. Just because you're on a business trip doesn't mean that you have to forget about your health and fitness until you get back home. In fact, working out on the road tends to be extremely easy since most major hotels have their own in-house fitness centers and/or swimming pools.

Fitness trackers have already proven hugely effective at helping people to better establish and meet their fitness goals. By connecting the tracker to your mobile device, you can view statistics on your workout and focus on your fitness goals wherever in the world you may be. It is often hard to stay healthy while traveling and especially if you find yourself continually out for lunches and dinners. In this way, making sure to get enough exercise is even more important while on the road than it is at home, and a fitness tracker is a simple way to ensure this is possible.

Stay on Time and Up to Date with Smart Watches

Although some people still tend to view smart watches with skepticism, the truth is that they are far more than just a gimmick. Sure, your smartphone can do everything a smart watch can do and more, but this isn't really the point.

Smart watches are all about increased convenience and allowing you to receive messages and alerts or read and send emails without having to pull out your phone and tablet. As well, you can use the watch to pull up map directions to your hotel or restaurant instead of having to walk down the middle of the road with your phone in hand. While none of this may sound like a big deal to some people, the fact that sales of smart watches continue to skyrocket shows that at least some people find great value in them.

One of the keys to a successful business trip is making sure that you're fully prepared for anything and everything you might encounter. This includes making sure all of your reservations are in order to ensure you don't miss an important meeting or find yourself stuck at the airport trying to get a ride to your hotel. Luckily, this will never be a problem when you choose our professional LaGuardia airport shuttle or JFK limo service as our courteous chauffeurs will be there to meet you on time and take you wherever you need to go.

From planning to making your business travel a more pleasant experience, technology plays an important role so use it wisely. Read the blog post published by our friends at Regency transportation to discover the best phone apps for the airport.

Posted on Aug 08 2017

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