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Travel Tips for Women Traveling Solo

One of the most beautiful things about traveling solo is that you get to live life on your own terms. What is more appealing than getting to know yourself better and what you want without all the distractions and input from family and friends. Regardless of gender, solo travel has its dangers. However, there are notable dangers women traveling solo may face that may not particularly affect their male counterparts.

Our Bronx Car Service has therefore taken the initiative to address all adventurous women out there; informing them of what these dangers may be and how they can keep themselves safe when they travel alone.

Remember that traveling solo is the best opportunity to discover yourself.

Save for the Trip

First of all, wouldn’t it be better to save up enough for your trip as opposed to coming home to catch up financially after the trip. Plan for your trip, months before you embark on your journey and you won’t have to worry about finances later. Make sure you are totally covered financial-wise, and some more.

Trust No One

One of the biggest reasons why people travel solo is to meet new people and expand their horizons. This is all well and good but it also leaves you quite vulnerable. It’s perfectly fine to hang out with people you just met, but do not be too quick to trust anyone; con artists and thieves are some of the most charming people you will meet on your solo travel. So remember, keep an open mind but also stay on guard and watch out for your safety at all times.

Maintain your Independence

Be well-prepared and self-reliant; make sure you do not rely on anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. Carry sufficient amounts of cash at all times, a guidebook, a map, a phone, identification documents, and a phrase book. Keep your head up and walk purposefully, as if you know exactly where you are headed. And if you need assistance, seek out another woman, preferably a woman with a family, a female security guard, a female police officer.

Dress Conservatively

Back home, tops and skirts may be a common mode of dressing, but this kind of dressing may get you into trouble in most other places, or even attract the wrong kind of attention. You are your most vulnerable when you are in foreign land and you need to compensate for this by dressing a little more conservatively than you normally would. Try to emulate the mode of dressing in the place you are visiting to blend in and take away attention from yourself.

Posted on Jan 09 2018

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