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Top Vacation Destinations: Winter in Southampton

vacation destinationsWhile Southampton beaches are popular during the summer, Southampton as a whole offers many things to see and do during the winter, as well. For the ultimate getaway, use the services of a JFK airport limo to reach your destination.


The Perfect Winter Vacation


The Hamptons are a wonderful collection of towns that are jam-packed with celebrities, traffic, and locals with big attitudes during the summer. However, if you go to Southampton in the winter, be prepared for a completely different experience.


Because winter is the off-season, you will spend less for sleeping accommodations, to start with. You will also be seated immediately at top restaurants that typically take a long time to get into during the summer. The beaches are quiet, shops uncrowded, and even locals come across as friendlier and more hospitable.Although Southampton winters are cold and snowy, the area is beautiful.


  • Dancing—Using LGA transportation, you can visit a number of places for a night of dancing. However, a great place to see duringthe winter is the Star Room. During the summer, this nightclub is hopping with big-name celebrities but in the winter, things are more laid back, yet still exciting and fun.


  • Beaches—Although the water is too cold for swimming and the beaches void of people, you can enjoy a nice walk along the sand. Just be sure to bundle up since it tends to be colder down by the water.


  • Art Galleries—You will also discover a number of impressive art galleries in Southampton that, during the winter, put beautiful masterpieces on display. For instance, the Chrysalis Gallery is amazing. The painter, Daniel Pollera, gets his inspiration from the beach, as well as unique angles of the sun during the winter, which he describes as “haunting.”


  • Shopping—Depending on the store, you may find the hoursshorter in the winter than in the summer. However, most stores in Southampton remain open during the off-season, so you will have no problem finding remarkable places for merchandise. Some of the top locations include Tiffany & Company, Coach, Newtown Lane, Mark, Fore & Strike, and others.


  • Dining Out—Whether you’re visiting Southampton in the summer or winter, you cannot deny the amazing cuisine. Many restaurants use local ingredients and serve fresh seafood. B. Smith’s, which is located in Sag Harbor on the water, is considered one of the best places to dine. If you prefer, you can use LGA transportation to eat at Almondito or Rowdy Hall, both located in East Hampton.


Relax with JFK Airport Limo Service


Whether you’re staying at a hotel in New York or renting a quaint cottage in Southampton, you will benefit from the services of a reputable JFK airport limo company. For an amazing winter vacation, you should definitely consider the typical summertime destination of Southampton.

Posted on Feb 23 2016

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