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Things To Do In Long Island This Autumn

The fall season is the last chance for you to enjoy some outdoor activities until winter sets in and temperatures drop. The weather is cooler, but still mild, and the scenery is always a blast in Long Island. A coastal gem situated just east of New York, the area is sprinkled with sandy beaches, fine vineyards and historic mansions, opening endless possibilities for adventure seekers. Here are the best things to do in Long Island this autumn.


If you are on a budget and looking for things to do in Long Island for free, now it’s your chance. Walk along the beautiful sandy beaches and enjoy the last rays of the mild sun. Unlike summertime, off-season there are no daily fees or monthly passes to pay, but the scenery is still delightful. Hit the tranquil beaches and enjoy the silence, breathe the salty air, listen to the waves hitting the shore and watch the surfers showcase their skills.


If you are a spontaneous person and think what to do in Long Island today, we suggest visiting the Fire Island Lighthouse if you dare. It proudly stands among all the other lighthouses in the area as it is the tallest and presumably haunted. Climb all the way up and feast your eyes with the awesome views of the ocean and the bay but also keep an eye for the spectral figures who show up on occasion, stay silent to hear the ghostly laughs and the doors banging by themselves. You never know who lays in the shadows.


If you are a sensitive soul and enjoy walking outdoors, one of the best things to do on Long Island this weekend is to visit public gardens. Explore the luxuriant vegetation of Japanese gardens, such as Long House Reserve in East Hampton or Humes Japanese Stroll Garden. Take a class at the living museum of Clark Botanical Garden in Albertson and finish the weekend with a picnic in the colorful scenery of Old Westbury Gardens.


If you are looking for fun things to do in Long Island and you are also a Halloween enthusiast, enjoy the great pumpkin carving at The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Already established as a tradition in the area, the event is annually held by Old Bethpage Village Restoration starting late September until early November, gathering thousands of pumpkins artistically curved and beautifully lighted.


If you are not really an outdoor person, there are plenty of things to do in Long Island indoors. Walk in Jay Gatsby’s shoes for a day and visit the French-chateau-inspired Oheka Castle in Huntington or the luxurious, award-winning Mansion at Glen Cove. Explore the property and the state-of-the-art planetarium at Vanderbilt Museum. Be the nation’s president for a while and get inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s beloved Sagamore Hill.


When the sun sets, the best thing to do in Long Island is hit a fancy restaurant and enjoy good food and fine wine. The area has everything from pizza places to vegetarian and seafood restaurants. If you are a beer or wine lover, call it a night between the shelves of a local brewery or the branches of a refined vineyard.

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Posted on Sep 06 2022

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