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Sports Fever Hits New York City

The concrete jungle where dreams are made is about to erupt into a symphony of cheers and roars this May. Whether you're a die-hard Yankees fan, a Knicks loyalist, or simply looking for an electrifying night out, New York City has something for every sports enthusiast. But navigating the city's labyrinthine transportation system to catch that big game can feel daunting. Don't worry. Islip Limo is here to relieve your game day stress with our reliable and luxurious car service. Offering top-tier limousine and sedan options, our sporting events limo service ensures you arrive in style and comfort, ready to cheer on your team without a hitch.

Slammin' Saturdays at UBS Arena: PWHL New York vs. Minnesota

  • Saturday, May 4, 2024

Grab your jerseys and wave your banners! It's time for a clash of the Titans as PWHL New York takes on Minnesota at the UBS Arena. Slated for a fiery face-off on May 4th, fans are set to witness an exhilarating match. Why stress about parking when you could arrive with flair? Our New York sporting events transportation promises comfort and a grand entrance to the arena.

Home Runs and High Spirits at Yankee Stadium

Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees - A Triple Play!

  • Friday, May 3 at 7:05 pm
  • Saturday, May 4 at 1:05 pm
  • Sunday, May 5 at 1:35 pm

Yankee Stadium is where the magic happens, and this May, the Detroit Tigers are coming to town for a thrilling series. Whether you're planning to catch the Friday night lights game or a sunny Sunday pitch, remember, showing up is half the fun! Boost your experience with a classy sedan or a stretch limo that turns heads!

Astros and Sox Take On the Yankees - A May Marathon!

  • Houston Astros from May 7-9
  • Chicago White Sox from May 17-19

Prepare for back-to-back baseball action as the Yankees defend their turf against the Astros and then the White Sox. Spread over several days, these games are perfect for those who live and breathe baseball—are you considering going? Consider a car service that navigates the traffic smoothly and ensures your arrival with flair.

Seattle Mariners' Sea of Challenges

  • May 20-23

Fans can expect four days of top-tier baseball as the Mariners sail into Yankee territory. Every fan has a slot from evening showdowns to a unique Thursday midday game. Don’t let city gridlock steal your thunder; book a ride with Islip Limo, where comfort meets class.

Goal! Soccer Spirits High at Various Venues

Earthquakes and Red Bulls Stir the Soccer Field

  • Colorado Rapids at NYC FC - May 5 at Citifield
  • San Jose Earthquakes at NYC FC - May 31 at Yankee Stadium
  • NY Red Bulls at NYC FC - May 18 at Citifield

Soccer fans, rejoice! May brings you face-to-face with intense matchups across New York's iconic stadiums. Whether it's the Rapids, Earthquakes, or the classic NY Red Bulls, each game promises adrenaline-pumping action. Skip the hassle of parking and enjoy a luxurious ride that turns every trip to the game into a pre-game show.

Hardwood Heroes: Knicks and Rangers at MSG

Knicks' Playoff Dreams and Rangers' Ice Battles

  • New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals - May 1 & 5
  • New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers; Round 1, Home Game 4 - May 4

Madison Square Garden is set to explode with sports fervor as the Rangers and Knicks gear up for pivotal games. The Rangers face the Capitals in a chilling duel on ice, while the Knicks battle the 76ers on the hardwood floors. Missing these would be a foul play! Islip Limo can assist with swift, stylish rides that ensure you arrive feeling like a VIP.

Liberty's Call at Barclays Center

New York Liberty's Streak of Home Games

  • Multiple dates through May

The Liberty are set to dominate Barclays Center with several home games throughout May. From facing the Indiana Fever to challenging the Washington Mystics, each game is a beacon for basketball enthusiasts. Navigate Brooklyn's streets like a pro and indulge in worry-free transportation with our premium sporting events car service.

Game Day with Islip Limo

Don't let transportation woes steal your thunder this May. Islip Limo offers a variety of car service options to ensure you arrive at your destination feeling pampered and prepared to witness sporting history. Whether you're a group of friends or a family outing, our spacious vehicles and professional chauffeurs will guarantee a smooth and enjoyable ride. So, ditch the stress and book your New York sporting events transportation today! Let's make this May a season to remember in the Big Apple. Contact us at (516) 628-6535 or for booking and inquiries.

Posted on Apr 29 2024

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