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Reasons To Vacation In Long Island

Long Island is a place you should consider to be part of the overall New York experience. Yes, there's plenty to keep you busy within the bustling metropolitan areas of Manhattan or Brooklyn, but if you've decided all the noise and fast pace of the city is starting to wear on you, it might be time to change gears and head out to the shores of Long Island. Long Island provides a breathing space and a place to see historic and old traditions of New York that you may not find in the brick cities. With our limo service in Long Island, you'll be taken to any place you wish to go.


Historic Areas Of Long Island

Long Island is full of maritime museums and harbors, and one museum worth checking out is the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum. Here you can stroll through the galleries of old whale hunting artifacts and see the chronicles of whaling ship commanders who once sailed the high seas. You can also visit historic lighthouses such as the Montauk Lighthouse, one of America's oldest lighthouses that George Washington himself helped establish. You can tour this building as well as go up top to get an amazing view of the ocean.


Visiting The Hamptons

The Hamptons are the little villages that dot the east end of Long Island in areas such as South Fork and Montauk. They're renowned as places that some of New York's finest come to get away either to their luxury beach homes or just to hang in the quiet villages. These little villages have unique little shops where you can buy handcrafted items or antiques, and you can also find exquisite seafood and special catering restaurants. You can certainly depend on our chauffeurs to escort you around the villages whether you need to take a look at a little shop you've just spotted, or wish to have a romantic dinner at one of the Hamptons most renowned restaurants such as The Palm East Hampton or Bay Kitchen Bar.


The Beaches

When it's hot in the summer, a day at one of Long Island's sandy beaches can be just the place to escape the heat. Long Island's beaches are beautiful to behold, and some of them such as Coopers Beach and Main Beach in the Hamptons have been recognized as two of the nation's top beaches. Our limo service is guaranteed to get you to your favorite beach whether it's a family day of fun there or an evening for two in the sunset.


Airport To Hotel Pickup With Islip

Our Islip airport limo service is ready to go the instant you arrive in Long Island, and we can promise our chauffeurs will assist you with anything you need. If you're flying directly into MacArthur Airport, our MacArthur car service is the best in the business at timely luggage pickup and getting you immediately to your lodging. But if you're excited and want to see more, our chauffeurs can also take you through the Long Island scenic routes on the way to wherever you want to go.

Posted on Feb 21 2017

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