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New Year Tips that Will Make You A Happier Person

What do you intend to do with your 2019? We are certain you have grand plans and we want to encourage you to keep them in mind and keep making efforts towards them. Nonetheless, you could also be planning to accomplish something as simple as saving money, eating healthy, exercising regularly, etc. However, statistics show that less than ten percent of people who make resolutions at the beginning of the year end up keeping them. Our Long Island limo service therefore got to asking, how do they do it? What is the secret behind making a resolution you can stick to? Well, have no fear, we did our research and came up with a few tips that you might find quite helpful in the making of your 2019 resolutions.

Never Change

We know, this sounds absurd, but why the beginning of the year and the resolutions that come with it have to force you to be a different person? As opposed to striving to become something you have never been before, we recommend that you repeat and reinforce patterns/habits that worked for you throughout 2019. This will, in turn, push you to cultivate newer, more effective habits. Nothing triggers motivation more than the sight of progress, so instead of focusing on all the goals you are yet to achieve, why don’t you try placing your focus on all the things you have achieved? The rest will follow.

Positive vs. Restrictive Goals

Human beings are naturally rebellious and, as a result, you are more likely to be motivated to follow through with a positive resolution as opposed to a restrictive one. For example, if your resolution is to watch your diet, let your resolution be ‘I will eat more vegetables’ rather than ‘I will never eat cake’. Equally important is to have a support system; surround yourself with people who have similar resolutions and you will feed off of each other’s zeal to stick to your guns.

Make the most of your Mornings

The way we begin our day is the way we live out the rest of the day. If you begin each day with a positive outlook and healthy habits, you will notice a dramatic increase in your happiness and motivation levels. Start each day with an uplifting song, podcast, read, etc. that, not only puts you in high spirits but also reminds you of your goals and why you want to stick to your resolutions. Positive mornings are undoubtedly the foundation of sustainable motivation.

Be Kind to Yourself

Make it your personal agenda to be as kind and gentle with yourself as possible. A lot of the time we are extremely harsh with ourselves, which keeps us from experiencing the happiness we deserve and, in turn, we lack the motivation necessary to go for our goals. Consciously decide to think and speak of yourself in a more positive and respectful manner. It may feel a bit narcissistic at first, but when you are your biggest supporter, nothing can stop you from striving for what you want.

Posted on Dec 21 2018

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