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Mixing Business with Pleasure

When booking a JFK limo service like ours, you might wish it had a little more to do with pleasure than business. In our many years providing excellent transportation services to our clients, we’ve learned a few things about mixing business and pleasure. When our clients do it well, it’s beneficial to all involved. Mixing business with pleasure is more acceptable now than ever before, and we like to think it’s because we’re all learning to relax a little and enjoy life a bit more. We like to make sure your customers know that our LaGuardia airport shuttle is available for their business needs, their enjoyment purposes, and our service never discriminates when you want to mix a little business with a little fun.


All Work and No Play is Dangerous

When you’re on a business trip, it’s imperative you focus on your business at hand. That does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself when there is time for enjoyment. When you spend all your time focusing on your business and neglecting the play side of life, you stress yourself out quickly. When you take a break to take in the sights around the city, our chauffeurs are happy to help you find the best route, choose a great place to dine, or recommend a wonderful spa in which you can get that much-needed massage. You’ll feel more relaxed, happier, and better able to focus on your business.


Mixing Business and Pleasure Increases Happiness

People who enjoy their lives and life happily are better able to work. When you mix the two, it makes life more enjoyable and it makes work something you enjoy more. For example, we like to think hiring our car service for the day allows you to relax a bit between meetings, but it also allows you to mix things you enjoy. When you turn business meetings into decadent meals, golf games, and other enjoyable experiences, you look forward to work.


Everyone is More Relaxed

A business meeting in a stuffy boardroom on a business trip is no fun for anyone. No one wants to sit at a table in their uncomfortable business attire staring at screens and breathing in filtered air all day. It’s far more relaxing to take the meeting to the golf course or on-site to tour the area, have a little fun, and relax. When people are more relaxed, they’re able to make better deals, work more closely with one another, and get more done.

We love the idea of mixing business with pleasure, and our professional team of chauffeurs knows how to help with that. We offer services that range from quick and efficient to lengthy and enjoyable, and all of them are offered in our luxury vehicles. It’s time to forget the old rules of only working at work and playing later. Now it’s more important than ever to add a little bit of everything to your day.

Posted on Mar 14 2017

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