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How Making the Most of Your Weekends Can Improve Your Work Life

Amid the hectic schedules and non-stop activity that often comprises our work lives, we can get lost in the need to produce and perform, forgetting that relaxation plays just as vital a role in our productivity as our go-go-go mentalities. A pitfall that many professionals find themselves stumbling over is the feeling of pressure to work, even when you aren’t being paid to.

The reason that this pitfall is so dangerous to productive work lives is that it leaves professionals no time to unwind and have fun, effectively re-centering themselves for the beginning of another work week. Do you struggle with the tendency to be a weekend workaholic? We’ve got a few ways to ensure that your weekends pay it forward, providing you with work week stamina and productivity boosting energy when Monday morning rolls around.

Take a Trip—and Don’t Drive Yourself

One way to make the most of your weekends away from work? Take a trip away from the city where you work. Go to a new city, plan a night out with your significant other at an awesome new restaurant, and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry yourself with concerns over your work life while taking in the sights of a new city.

And relaxation on the weekend, especially away from your city, is a hard thing to accomplish if you’re worrying yourself over navigating and finding parking. The answer to this conundrum is to book a chauffeured car service to pick you and drive you to all of your destinations while on your weekend getaway. Not only will you have someone to do the navigating and driving, you’ll have your own local reference book right in the front seat in the form of your chauffeur. Because chauffeurs are professional drivers and local experts, they can provide you with some truly vital information on the best hotels, the best restaurants and the best places to experience the local color.

Mini vacations help improve your workweek by letting you truly escape the stresses that plague you while you’re on the clock. And seeing new and exciting cities is one way to re-energize your perspective on your own city.

Sleep In

One thing that many professionals simply don’t get enough of is sleep. And even when the weekend rolls around, they’re up at 6:00 am, trying desperately to find something to get into. Refusing to get the sleep your body needs, even on the weekends, is one way to run yourself down very quickly. And drinking energy drinks or coffee all day is no replacement for the organic energy you’ll get from simply taking the time to get a full 8 hours of sleep or more on the weekend.

Relaxation is impossible if you’re constantly exhausted, no matter how expensive the massage or round of golf you book. Sometimes the sheer secret to re-energizing yourself for the upcoming work week is to forget setting the alarm clock and letting yourself doze until your sleep meter is full.

Find Time to Exercise

Many professionals are so busy during the work week that finding time to exercise doesn’t go past taking the stairs. What many of them don’t realize is that exercise is one of the best ways to up your energy levels. Not only does exercise improve your mood, preparing you for positive vibes throughout the work week, it can also help improve your memory and keep your focus sharper while at work, too.


These are just a few suggestions for ways to make your time off on the weekends count as much as possible. Remembering to value your downtime as vital to your productivity at work is an easy way to watch your happiness, at both work and home, skyrocket.

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Posted on Jul 12 2016

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