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How to Plan A Great Event

We have all been to a beautiful, impressive event and if you have never planned one, it may have never crossed your mind just how much work must go into putting it all together. Most people subconsciously assume that it all just happens, but the truth is, it takes a lot of planning and effort to put together a truly impressive event. Our limo service in Long Island has handled the transportation end of all kinds of amazing events including weddings, corporate events, proms, you name it. As such, we have picked up a thing or two along the way on how to plan a great event. Read on and find out what you need to do to make your event an absolute success.

The very first thing that makes an event a successf is making sure that transportation is effective. Book a reliable car service such as our Bronx car service for your all your guests in all their unique transportation needs. Not only will it make a positive impression even before they have arrived to the actual event, but the reliability and coordination a professional car service provides will ensure that everyone arrives on time and that they are transferred safely back from the event venue when it is over, further adding to its success and glamor.

Start Early

As we can all agree, last minute planning is never a wise idea; start planning for the event as early as possible. If you are planning for a large event, for example, a wedding with at least 200 guests, you should start the planning at least 6 months in advance. Smaller events like family gatherings of less than 50 people should be planned for at least 2 months in advance. Giving yourself sufficient time to plan guarantees that you will cover all your bases by the time of the event and that nothing will be out of place on the day.

Set Objectives

You need to ask yourself why you are planning the event; is the event a celebration, a fundraiser, a PR initiative, a corporate workshop, the launch of a product or service? Who will be in attendance? What is the age group? Once you have answered these questions you will be able to decide what amenities will be required, what kind of entertainment will be appropriate, what colors to use, etc., in order to appeal to the attendants.


Since you are planning an event, it is unlikely that you are doing it on your own; make use of your team and divide and delegate tasks amongst them. Identify the major aspects of the event and allocate each one to a team member you trust; for example, catering, decorations, refreshments, transportation, entertainment, and so forth. This will not only ensure that every aspect of the event is covered, but this specialization of duties will ensure that each of those aspects is handled as exhaustively as possible, leaving no room of error.

Islip Limo specializes in delivering the highest quality ground transportation. Whether you need a limousine to make your special event even more memorable, or reliable and secure transportation for your corporate event, we are the people to call.

Posted on Aug 21 2018

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