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How to Impress High Profile Clientele

In the world of business, your capacity to stay profitable all comes down to your ability to attract and retain high-value clients. Strong business relationships are hard to come by and for this reason, such relationships should be nurtured. The first step is to create a good first impression, then to build trust with the client, making them inclined to maintaining your business ties. Here are a few ideas for making a positive impression to high-profile clientele compiled by our Long Island Limousine Service. Follow these simple steps and ensure the continuity and profitability of your business.

Have your Employees Dress Professionally

The general dress code in the work environment has evolved gradually over the years; most work-places have switched from business to casual attire, with some even allowing employees to dress in jeans every day. However, in case you have a high-profile client visiting your workplace, swap to classic business wear. The men can wear traditional business suits and leather shoes while the women can wear pantsuits, or skirts with neutral blouses and closed shoes. When your high profile client arrives, they will immediately be impressed by the dress code at your office; a formal dress code indicates that you are a team of professionals who take their work very seriously, which instills confidence in the client and strengthens your business ties.

Clean it Up

Another simple way to impress your clients is to keep everything sparkling clean. Everything should be kept spotless, especially in the areas where your high-profile client will be visiting. The desks and cubicles in your office should be kept in a neat and orderly fashion; there shouldn’t be any questionable items or clutter on top of the desks. It is also a great idea to keep your floors swept and your carpets vacuumed in half-hour intervals prior to the scheduled visit. Dirt and clutter are unpleasant to everyone and within your work environment it could be an indicator of laziness or sloppiness, so ensure that your premises are clean every time you are expecting a high-profile client in order to give off an impression of order and diligence on your part.

Arrange for transportation

This is especially important if your client is visiting from out of town. Your client may not be familiar with your city and arranging for transportation for the duration of their visit will not only make their stay comfortable but will also guarantee their safety while navigating the city from their hotel to meetings and events. Our Bronx Car Service offers you high quality corporate transportation that is sure to impress any high-profile client on your roster. By choosing our car service, you will be choosing a transportation service provider that reflects your image and values. We will ensure that your client arrives to their desired destination in a safe and timely manner and we will also assist them with any other needs they may have in order to make their stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Posted on Mar 27 2018

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