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Hotels vs. Airbnb for Business Travel

One of the most crucial aspects of business travel has to be accommodation and hotels have over time grown into a billion-dollar industry as a result of the heavy demand for accommodations by business travelers in cities and towns all over the country. Recently, however, we have seen a slight shift in preference, where business travelers are opting to find home-sharing offers, hostels, vacation rentals, and so forth, on online markets such as Airbnb.
The hotel industry finally seems to have found a worthy competitor, a feat previously thought to be impossible. This got our specialists thinking how do these two compare and which option is best suited for business travelers? This is what we will be discussing in today’s post.
Either way, whether you end up going for a conventional hotel room or going the Airbnb way, one thing is for sure, you will need safe and reliable ground transportation on your business trip. Look no further than our New York airport transportation solutions. We have earned a reputation of reliability and dependability; our staff and trusted chauffeurs will consider all the logistics at play in order to ensure that you arrive safely and on time to any destination of your choosing throughout the duration of your trip.
Now, let’s have a look at how hotels and Airbnb services compare.


With hotels, it has always been easy to estimate the kind of quality you will find based on how many stars each hotel has. With Airbnb facilities, however, it becomes exponentially harder to gauge the level of quality you will find at the residence you are booking. While it is not entirely impossible to find that your hotel room isn’t exactly as advertised, this risk is much with Airbnb listings. Further, although authenticity is one of the main focuses of the Airbnb community, with no standard check-in/check-out timelines, instructions, amenities, etc., each Airbnb host plays by their own rules, which makes it more likely for them to misrepresent their property with little to no consequences.


One of the biggest concerns everyone has is whether Airbnb listings are safe. While the company may have taken measures to ensure their listings are safe and secure, at the end of the day you are still in a stranger’s space and there is no telling what their intentions may be. Hotels, on the other hand, house hundreds of travelers and these establishments have already earned a reputation taking duty of care procedures very seriously; we can’t say the same, with certainty, for Airbnb listing.


First, Airbnb accommodations are generally cheaper than hotel accommodations. Second, since most Airbnb listings are people’s homes, they offer a lot more space and amenities than hotel rooms. For example, you may find yourself with a compound beyond the house, a kitchen, and a serene neighborhood to walk around; it’s almost like you never left home. Therefore, while hotels may be safe and their quality may be certain, finding a good host on the Airbnb platform will certainly offer you more value for your money.
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Posted on Apr 24 2019

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