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How to Get That Wow Factor at Your Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event this year to attract new clients or honor old ones? Leave no stone unturned to create a magical experience that will make clients want to stay engaged with your company and come back year after year. Here are 12 tips to create a magnificent experience at your corporate event from beginning to end.


  1. Valet Parking

No one wants to walk from a parking lot to the building entrance in fine attire, especially heels. Make guests feel pampered as soon as they arrive at your event by providing a free valet parking service.


  1. Limo Service

Go the extra mile and make special guests feel like V.I.P.’s by having them picked up by a limousine service. Our Long Island limo service, Islip Limo, will drive your honorees to your event and help them arrive in maximum comfort and style.


  1. A Grand Entrance

Roll out the red carpet for your guests—literally. A dramatic entrance builds excitement and sets the tone for an epic evening.


  1. “Paparazzi”

Make your guests feel like movie stars by hiring a few photographers to snap shots as they make their grand entrances.


  1. Stunning Decor

The decor is the first things guests will notice, and it makes or breaks the atmosphere at an event. Make sure that your decor fits the event theme impeccably and adds to the room without overwhelming it.


  1. Free Coat Check

It’s the details that will make your event a memorable experience. Provide a complimentary coat check for events in cooler seasons so that guests are stuck packing jackets around or hanging them over chairs.


  1. Live Music

Live music adds electricity to the air. Make your event buzz with a band that plays a genre of music appropriate te for the vibe of your event.


  1. Passed Hors D’Oeuvres

Don’t keep your guest hungry. Have servers circulate hors d’oeuvres so that your guests are free to mingle and network before dinner.


  1. Amazing Food

A good meal goes a long way. Make sure that the menu is carefully chosen, the food is presented well, and that it is delicious. A well-fed crowd makes for a fun party.


  1. A Magnificent Show

Finally, every event needs a show-stopping moment to make it truly magical. Be it a special dance performance, a magic act, or a celebrity singer; this is what your guests will talk about for weeks, or even years down the line.


  1. A Late Night Snack

After a terrific evening of cocktails and dancing, your guests might need a little snack. Consider hiring a local food truck to park outside your event and offer up late-night fare.


  1. A Ride Home

Islip Limo would love to complete the evening by making sure your guests get home safely and comfortably. If you need a limousine service in Long Island for your event, give us a call. It will be our pleasure to serve you.


Try a few of these tips or all of them to create an unforgettable evening for your clients. When customers are treated like royalty, they don’t tend to stray.

Posted on Feb 15 2017

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