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Four Best Business Travel Accessories for Road Warriors

travel accessoriesWhether you’re a part-time or full-time road warrior, you can choose multiple travel accessories that help you stick to a schedule, get better organized, and overall, achieve a higher level of success. Although there are many different possibilities, some are obviously better than others.


To maintain balance while traveling on business, you need to be exceptionally organized and productive. Thanks to special business travel accessories, you will have no problem creating an itinerary, booking the hotel, hiring a reputable limo in New York, arranging flights, and so on. For more complex international trips, business travel accessories are especially critical.


Top 4 Accessories as a Road Warrior


  1. Card Case/Phone Holder Complete with Wrist Strap—When you’re maneuvering through airports, you need quick and easy access to certain items, such as your boarding pass, confirmation numbers, credit cards, cash, and photo identification. Instead of fumbling through a purse or wallet only to hold up lines, you might want to purchase a special card case/phone holder designed with an easy-fit wrist strap. That way virtually everything needed for check-in and to get through airport security is in one, convenient and safe location.


  1. Portable Gadget Charger—Being able to charge your mobile device as a road warrior is also important. For some reason, battery life on mobile devices seems to always die while traveling. Instead of doing without or waiting to use one of the busy airport charging stations, you can simply charge the wireless device using a portable charger.


  1. Bag Bungee—You will also benefit from a bag bungee. With a bag bungee, you can make your way through a busy airport with a rolling suitcase, carryon, laptop computer, and even a small blanket or jacket. Using this specially designed bungee, your items are all securely in place, so you never have to worry about anything toppling over and breaking.


  1. Headphones—You should also consider a high-quality set of headphones. As a road warrior, headphones are extremely helpful. In addition to using headphones for listening to music, audio books, and shared reports, seminars, and other business-related material, headphones work great. However, headphones also cancel out noise. When on a plane, you simply slip the headphones on, and the sounds of a crying baby, snoring person next to you, loud talking, and so on, is blocked.


More Efficient Travel


In addition to using travel accessories as a road warrior, you should advantage of limos in New York. By working with a well-respected NY limo company, you actually save money, reach your destination on time and in a safe manner, and enjoy various services provided by the chauffeur, such as getting help with your luggage.

Posted on Jan 06 2016

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