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Find Out What’s Your Travel Persona

Did you know you have a travel persona? We’ve come to realize there are four types of people in the world, and they all show up on a daily basis in the back of our luxury vehicles. We’ve come to recognize each different personality over the years, and each one is easily defined by a few simple traits. What makes each personality so unique is their specific outlook on life and travel. Get to know which one you are before you book your next adventure.

The Open-Minded Adventurer

Nothing bothers you on the road, in the air, or at a hotel. You go with the flow and view each layover, each delay, and each bump in the road as an exciting twist and turn included in your travel. It doesn’t upset you, and you just go with it. You’re laid back about things and assume it will all work itself out for the best.

The Careful Planner

You check and check again to be sure you have everything timed properly, that you’re never late, and everything is hyper-organized. You have every detail of your trip planned in advance, so you miss nothing and make no mistakes. If there is a delay in your flight, you panic a little because it might throw everything off schedule. You’re organized and efficient, and you do not like it when other people and businesses are not.

The Independent Traveler

We see this kind of traveler all the time. This is the one who books our services in advance and expects exceptional efficiency from our chauffeurs. You want everyone to do what they’re intended to do, and you’re completely fine when this happens. You’re similar to the careful planner, but not as upset when things go wrong. You’re not upset about delays due to unavoidable circumstances, but you do expect everyone to remedy the situation efficiently, quickly, and to your liking.

The Pampered Traveler

You are always happy to sit in the lounge and sip champagne, and you don’t know what economy looks like. You want and expect the best of the best, and your assumption is everyone is willing and able to provide this for you. You don’t spare any expense on the luxuries of travel, and you are sure to enjoy every second of it when you’re in the air or on the ground.

Our Long Island limousine service works hard to ensure our clients are satisfied with every step of their journey with us. When you’re in need of limo service in Long Island, our team of professional chauffeur’s is here to make your journey easier and less stressful. From providing you with confident and highly-trained chauffeurs who anticipate your every need to providing you with the most luxurious and comfortable vehicles, we do it all. Our job is to make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable. Let us do that by calling now. You deserve a chance to know at least one thing on your trip will go as planned.

Posted on Aug 01 2017

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