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Dress for Success

dress for successAs a business owner or executive, it is important to dress for success. As you probably know, first impressions are critical, which is why you need to present yourself in a way so people take you seriously. In addition to the way you dress, you have the opportunity to make additional sound business decisions such as hiring a JFK airport limo.


Important Tips for Success


Keep in mind that dressing for success is unique to the industry. In other words, while you might get by in wearing a bolder colored polo shirt with khaki slacks for one industry, you might need to wear a nice suit for another. Therefore, always consider the type of business that you are in when making decisions about your attire.


  • Work Culture—Every business has a unique definition of work culture. In order to choose the right clothing, you need to know what this culture is. Obviously, business casual attire is interpreted in unique ways. Typically, if the company is a startup, then more casual dress is acceptable. Regardless, make sure you choose apparel that does not show too much skin or fit too tightly.


  • Consider Clients—You also need to consider the clients that you meet, as well as the type of meeting. If you’re going on a golf outing, then casual attire is expected, but for a sit-down dinner or in-person business meeting, you need to adapt accordingly.


  • Clean and Wrinkle Free—No matter the type of clothing you choose, be sure everything is clean and completely wrinkle free. Even a small stain, wrinkle, missing button, or loose hem can be a turnoff, so you want to pay close attention to the condition of your clothes. The easiest option is to have clothing dry-cleaned. Although this increases your business expenses, it ensures that you always look your best.


  • Jackets and Shoes—You can take any pair of slacks and dress shirt or dress and change the look by adding the right jacket and pair of shoes. An insider tip from people who are successful in the business world is to keep a jacket and dress pair of shoes in your car or office closet, so that when last-minute meetings arise, you are prepared.


  • Personal Grooming—Part of dressing for success is your personal grooming habits. For instance, make sure your hair is always clean, if you have a beard or mustache keep it neatly trimmed, have clean and trimmed nails, and go easy on makeup and perfume/cologne.


Using an LGA limo


A common misconception is that you have to spend a great deal of money on clothes to dress for success. In reality, you can find everything you need while sticking to a budget. A little creativity will go a long way in looking professional. Money saved on expensive clothing can be used to hire an LGA limo for entertaining clients.

Posted on Feb 02 2016

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