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Why Chauffeured Services, not “ride-sharing” is a necessity for Women Travelers

While it seems as though ride sharing services are the only option today, many women travelers are increasingly turning to chauffeured services instead. When you need a Bronx car service while traveling in the greater New York area, keep in mind that our chauffeur services are among the safest and most comfortable.

Let’s explore why women prefer chauffeured services, as opposed to ride-sharing.

One reason is that you’ll feel more pampered when riding in a limo. You’ll find that our chauffeurs are courteous and provide you with the individualized attention you expect from a professional limo service.

Safety is important when getting a ride to your hotel after a long flight into the city. Your personal chauffeur will be there right on time, so you’re not waiting late at night for a rental car or for a ride-share driver to show up at your terminal. Unlike ride-share services - where the background checks are questionable - you can rest assured that your limo chauffeur has gone through drug and alcohol tests, and has passed industry standard background checks.

Customer service is a large part of the culture when it comes to chauffeured limo services. Ride-share drivers aren’t trained how to deal with different personality types. They don’t know how to deal professionally with various requests that normally come up during a trip. On the other hand, your chauffeur is highly trained in this area and always treats you in a respectable manner.

While ride-share drivers are known to take people on rides in cars that may be dirty, you’ll never need to worry about cleanliness when using one of our cars. You can take your pick of one of our luxury vehicles and ride in style and comfort. Instead of getting a possibly strange acting ride-share driver taking you to your destination in a less-than-great smelling personal car, you’ll enjoy a professionally acting chauffeur helping you travel in style when you use our limo service.

Our customer service goes beyond professionalism and clean vehicles. Our chauffeur will take the time to open your door and make sure you’re treated with respect when you enter and exit any one of our luxurious limos.

It’s not necessary to worry when you’re meeting colleagues for a business meeting or enjoying the city nightlife with friends. You deserve a ride where you feel comfortable and safe. Rather than risk your safety or that of your colleagues by going with an unknown ride-share driver, you’ll feel comfortable doing a little work or even taking a nap as our licensed chauffeurs get you to your next destination.

We take your experience seriously when you use our lavish Long Island limousine service. Whether you spent a day or a week in the area, we offer a great range of travel packages to choose from. We are dedicated to your comfort and safety. We’ll ensure that you leave our city knowing that you traveled in a professional manner and were respectively treated throughout every mile.

Posted on May 30 2017

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