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5 Tips to Make a Great First Impression

Posted on May 31st 2022

You only get one chance to make a great impression, so you shouldn’t waste it! While being presentable might be enough most times to impress, it won’t always get the job done. No matter if you want to make a great impression at a new job you just got or on a hot date, we are...

The Art of the Business Dinner

Posted on Mar 26th 2019

Whether you run a small business, or you run a multi-national conglomerate, hosting a business dinner is one way to fortify ties with your clients and business associates. However, hosting a business dinner is not exactly like enjoying dinner with an old friend, there are a few measures...
First impressions are relatively instantaneous. An impending business dinner with a potential client or customer might put knots in the stomachs of even the calmest and collected business people. There's so much at stake! An easy way to kick off your first meeting with a bang? Choose...