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The Carry-On Challenge: Packing Hacks

Packing is a challenge even for the most seasoned travelers. We know this because we work closely with travelers each day providing transportation services, and we’ve seen all kinds of packing tips throughout the years. One challenge we find particularly interesting is the carry-on challenge. When you must travel for only a night or two, you want to pack one bag. You want to pack a carry-on, so you have no issues with lost luggage or waiting in line to check bags or pick them up when you land. We have learned a few tips that help us pack our carry-on so well we need nothing else during a short trip, and we are always happy to pass along the tips.

Maximize Your Personal Item

Airlines always allow passengers to bring onboard one personal item in addition to their carry-on. Now is not the time to rely on that small bag you just picked up because it’s easy to carry and chic. Now is the time to choose a weekender bag or other large personal item, so you are able to maximize the items you take with you. The more you can put in your personal item, the more you can pack. Your carry-on won’t be stuffed full to overflowing when items are dispersed between two bags.

Choose Practical Items

Everything you pack for a short trip needs to go together. If you want to have just one carry-on and no other luggage, it’s imperative you minimize what you need. This means not requiring multiple pairs of shoes or other accessories. It means being able to mix and match just a few pieces to create different looks without packing multiple outfits. Choose items that go together, can be worn with other items, and that might make a difference in an ensemble from day to night.

Skip the Personal Items

If you’re really challenged to find space in your carry-on, it’s time to forget the personal items. Your hotel will have shampoo and conditioner, and you can even call down to the front desk for a razor, deodorant, and other personal items. You needn’t even bring your own toothbrush. These things take up valuable space in your carry-on, and many of them aren’t within the size restrictions the FAA and TSA put on liquids. You will be just fine using different brand lotion and shampoo for a day or two when you travel.

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Posted on Jul 18 2017

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