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Bride Tips: 4 Tips For The Best Wedding Day Morning

When you picture the morning of your wedding you probably feel butterflies flutter in your stomach. You are probably thinking about all the things that could go wrong. But we assure you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; all it takes is a bit of planning, don’t wait until the last minute to wing it. For that purpose, our Bronx car service specialists have compiled a list of tips that will act as a blueprint you can use to get ready in a smooth, timely manner on the morning of your wedding.

You may also want to consider employing the services of a reputable limo service such as our Long Island limousine service for your transportation to the wedding venue. A reliable limousine service will not only provide you with a luxurious and relaxing ride to the venue but will also guarantee that you arrive for your big moment in style and elegance. Our professionally trained chauffeurs will be at your beck and call, ready to deliver the fairy tale experience you have always dreamed about. Below are a few tips on how to go about the morning of your wedding. Have a happily ever after!!

Hang up the Gown and Veil

The very first thing you should do when you wake up if you slept at all, is to hang up your gown and veil where they catch some air, preferably in a spacious aerated room where no one will disturb them. We recommend hanging it up high in the middle of the room so you can identify any areas that may need some steaming or sewing. This way you can be sure that the gown is in perfect condition and that once you are done with all other preparations and ready to leave, slipping into the gown will require little or no mental effort.

Eat Breakfast and Hydrate

Yes, we know you are afraid of getting bloated and, to be honest, you probably won’t feel that hungry on the morning of your wedding due to the excitement and nerves. But that is all in your mind, your body, on the other hand, needs a hearty breakfast and lots of fluids. Eating and hydrating will give the energy needed to handle the very demanding day ahead of you. We recommend carrying a bottle of water with you that you regularly sip on all through the morning preparation process. Remember, the more hydrated you are the more youthful your skin will look and the fresher you will feel.

Enjoy Time with the Ladies

This is probably the last time you will be a single lady with your girlfriends, so make a conscious decision to enjoy these moments. Laugh all you can, sing, dance, and thank them for their support. Soak in these moments with them and make sure they are enjoying themselves as well because these are memories you will share for the rest of your lives.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

We can never predict the future; you may have prepared everything perfectly, but things happen. Drinks spill, hair droops, nails chip, and clothing rips. This is why it is important to have an emergency kit for any emergencies that may arise throughout the day. Your emergency kit should include a stain remover, tweezers, breath mints, safety pins, tissues, fashion tape, hair spray, and anything else you think you may need.

Posted on Mar 12 2019

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