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Body Language in Business

body languageBy learning about body language as it pertains to business, you can better understand what people are thinking, and also present yourself better. Whether in an important meeting, having dinner at a nice restaurant, or sitting across from someone in the back of a JFK airport limo, you can use body language to your advantage.


According to leading body language experts, subtle positions and movements coupled with communication play a critical role in achieving success. Fortunately, learning body language is much easier than you might imagine. With this, you have the opportunity to read other people and also be aware of your own actions.


Perceptions Created with Body Language


Many factors contribute to business success, including tone and volume of words spoken, the way you dress, overall grooming, and so on. However, body language in particular shapes the perception of others in many ways, including:

  • Assertiveness
  • Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Intelligence
  • Interest
  • Openness to Collaboration

By using appropriate body language techniques for communicating specific qualities, you help raise yourself in the esteem of influential parties without saying a word.


Key Body Language Techniques


  1. Eye Contact—When you’re close to another individualat a restaurant, in the back of an LGA limo, or virtually anywhere, maintain eye contact. This, coupled with an occasional nod, makes you come across as being engaged and truly interested.


  1. Palms Down—Although subtle, keeping the palms of your hands down when speaking in public projects a sense of leadership and authority.


  1. Synchronization—Mirroring works by aligning you with another person. For instance, if another individual crosses his/her legs, you should do the same. If that person stands, you too should stand. Psychologically, this creates a connection.


  1. Wide Stance—Another body language technique involves taking a wide stance when speaking in front of people. With the diaphragm expanded, your speaking voice projects more, making you appear influential.


  1. Genuine Smile—When meeting a client or colleague that you have not seen in some time, or perhaps someone with whom you have some tension, a genuine smile is a warm and welcoming was to encourage communication.


  1. Minimalized Movements—No matter where you are or who you are talking to, you can enhance your points by keeping your movements subtle. Scratching your head, rubbing a beard, squirming in your chair, or acting impatientactually creates a distraction.


  1. Firm Handshake—Even females need to have a firm handshake. Obviously, you never want to cause pain, but you do want a firm grasp that communicates respect and trust.


Making a Strong Impression


Each body language techniques work incredible well by making a positive impression. However, to enhance that, consider using the services of a JFK airport limo. Especially for new or potential clients, nothing speaks confidence more than arriving in style.

Posted on Feb 16 2016

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