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Best Ways to Prevent Jet Lag From Sabotaging Your Business Trip

Jet lag is a serious issue that many travelers face. The greater the distance between your hometown and your destination, the more significant your jet lag may be. However, even those who are only traveling a couple of time zones away may experience moderate jet lag. This can leave you feeling groggy and fatigued, and it can affect your ability to concentrate and focus for several days after you arrive. The last thing you want is to be miserable and unproductive on your next business trip. By following a few steps before you depart, you can minimize the effects of jet lag when traveling far from home.

Adjust Your Routine Before Your Departure Date

Your body’s internal clock will need to be re-adjusted for the new time zone, and the unfortunate reality is that this can take several days or longer to complete. You can get a head start on this process by beginning the adjustment several days before you leave. Gradually move your meals and sleeping times backward or forward by an hour or two each day as needed for several days before your trip. This may get you fully or partially adjusted to local time more easily once you arrive at your destination.

Choose Overnight Flights

Overnight flights can be uncomfortable and may seem like the worst answer to fighting jet lag. However, when you choose overnight flights, you give your body the ability to sleep on the plane for a lengthy period of time. When you arrive at your destination, the sun may be rising. You may still feel a bit fatigued, but you will nonetheless be able to fight through the fatigue in the same way you would if you had a bad night of sleep the night before.


Use Sleeping Pills to Rest on the Plane

Because sleeping on a plane can be challenging, you can use sleeping pills to rest more easily and fully while you are in flight. This way, you can benefit from choosing an overnight flight more successfully. If you choose to use sleeping pills, ensure that you only use pills that you have previously tried and that you know the effects of.


Book Chauffeured Transportation for Your Arrival

As you might imagine, you may arrive at your destination feeling fatigued. The last thing you want is to try to locate Laguardia airport shuttle service or attempt to navigate New York’s busy streets on your own when suffering from jet lag. Schedule our Long Island limo service before you arrive. This way, you can sit back and rest while our chauffeur manages the roads for you.

Traveling to a new location can be stressful, and this is particularly true when jet lag is bound to be a concern. If you are traveling more than one or two time zones away, now is the time to plan ahead to combat jet lag. Consider how you can implement these tips to enjoy a more productive business trip in the New York City area.

Posted on Apr 04 2017

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