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Best Tips for Stress-Free Airport Travel

Fewer things are as exciting as getting on a plane to a new destination; think of all the possibilities, everything you might find. However, there is one aspect of traveling that a lot of us dislike and that’s the struggle that comes with dealing with airports. Everything from parking, to flight schedules, to baggage claim. There are just so many ways the airport can be frustrating.

Our LaGuardia airport shuttle service can help mitigate the issues of timeliness, the actual transportation to the airport, and parking. But once we get you there, you have to fight the rest of the battle on your own. Nevertheless, we won’t just abandon you. From experience our Bronx car service has gained in its years of activity in the travel business, we will equip you with the resources necessary to work your way through airports with ease.

Be the Early Bird

This is a no-brainer, don’t you think? Still, it isn’t uncommon for people to miss flights or have to sprint to the gates, bags in tow. Arrive at the airport early to avoid being in such a situation. Account for any circumstances that may delay you and try to get there about an hour before your flight. Also, remember that airports can be bigger than anticipated and getting to the gates can sometimes take over ten minutes.

Pack Light

Dragging around a heavy suitcase or carrying a heavy bag through airport security and through the crowded space towards your gate is not fun! Have you ever looked at your luggage when you get to your destination and wonder why you brought some of that stuff in the first place? I guess the answer’s yes. If you want an easier time at the airport as well as the rest of your journey, learn to be a travel minimalist and carry only the essentials. You’ll love it.

Be Organized

If you’re going to achieve a stress-free airport experience, you’ll have to be systematic. Ensure that your documents are organized and that you know exactly where they are even before you leave the house. The best way to do this is to keep all documents in a folder that you’ll carry in your carry-on for easy access. Also, when it comes to airport security, pack everything carefully in your carry on to ensure that you don’t accidentally misplace any watches, jackets, necklaces, etc.

Dress Comfortably

They say, ‘When you look good, you feel good.’ But we all know that looking good and being comfortable don’t always go hand in hand. When it comes to airports, remember, comfort is the number one priority; you can always look good when you get to your destination. Dress in your most comfortable clothes and shoes. Comfortable sneakers, a comfortable shirt, and comfortable jeans work just fine whether you’re a man or a woman. During colder seasons, you can add a warm fitting jacket, gloves, and a hat to this mix.

Posted on Aug 22 2017

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