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Best Phone Apps for the Airport

Being at the airport is never fun for anyone. It's basically like being in a giant waiting room for hours on end. Having a good phone app to keep you busy while you wait is always a good idea for the frequent traveler. Here are the best phone apps to have when you are hanging out at the airport.

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  1. FlightView Elite

This is a must-have travel app for the airport. Easily track your flights with the most up-to-date information. Reduce your stress when you always know exactly when your flight is scheduled to arrive. Delay notifications are sent to your phone automatically. Sometimes you know what's happening with your flight even before the airline attendants do. It's definitely a convenient app for those who are on a strict flight schedule.

  1. Kayak Pro

This app is a necessity if you are looking for the best deal on flights, hotel rooms, or rental cars. It has an easy-to-use design that lets you compare prices across hundreds of different companies. There are filters you can use to try out different dates and locations. The app will automatically save your information so you don't have to bother entering it in every time you use the app. It's basically like having a little tourist agent in your pocket.

  1. Netflix

Your long waits at the airports shouldn't be filled with just waiting. The Netflix app is a great way to fill the gaps with some quality entertainment. Their subscription includes lots of great movies and original TV series that you can watch from your phone. Over the years, they have developed a much easier design so using it on your phone is now a breeze.

  1. LoungeBuddy

If you're a fan of airport lounges (who isn't?), then this app is a heaven send. With this app, you can view and reserve access to hundreds of airport lounges all around the world. It helps immensely with planning trips and especially flight layovers. Instead of sitting in boredom at the airport for 4 hours, you can relax a little knowing that you have a comfy couch and complimentary drinks waiting for you in the next city.

  1. AirGrub

Forget about the stress of having to find a decent place to eat at the airport and time spent waiting in line for lunch with this app. Sometimes layovers are a little too short to even wait longer than 10 minutes for your food. This app allows you the convenience of being able to reserve your food ahead of time. You simply order your food, set the time and place for pickup, and pay online. It's super easy and free.

Posted on Apr 25 2017

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