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The Best Events for Kids this Holiday Season in Long Island

It is the holiday season again and there is so much out there for the kids to enjoy, especially if you know exactly where to go. With years of experience cruising up and down the Island, our Limo Service in Long Island has discovered some of the most interesting places and activities that you and your kids will really enjoy. Take a look and you may get an idea of where to go, especially because the season is long and one can easily run out of places to go.

Visit the Long Island Game Farm

Visiting this farm has become an annual culture for many locals and tourists alike. The Game Farm hosts over 200 animals, making it very exciting for both adults and children. It offers the children a chance to interact with different animals and to learn more about the animals and their conservation. This park is also one of the oldest establishments in Manorville and has always been thrilling and informative for kids across the decades.

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center

Both external and internal exhibits at this center are very intriguing with one of its most outstanding features being the coral reef display tank. Its internal exhibits include Amazon Aviary- Parrots, Lake Malawi Cichlids, schooling fish, and a touch tank that makes for spectacular views for the children. Outdoor exhibits include the Otter Falls, Penguin Pavilion, and the Shark Reef Lagoon. The center also includes other interactive activities such as the Discovery tower and Nemo’s Family Fun Center where the children can spend time and interact with different sea life. The Submarine Simulator is also a major attraction where children get to experience what a submarine looks like and how it works.

Visit Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site is one of the museums you will find at Long Island and a great destination to take your kids to. This museum lets the kids learn as they enjoy the sights. Different artefacts are displayed in the museums that are otherwise featured in children stories.

Try New and Exciting Activities

Long Island is endowed with different restaurants that you can explore together with your family in case you are tired of cooking in. Touch of Venice Restaurant and Harbor Market are some of the best child-friendly joints on the island.

The kids would also enjoy activities like Alien’s Invasion, a raft race down an enclosed tube, which is thrilling. Similarly, there are many water activities to experience at Splish Splash that will leave kids totally amused.

Long Island is generally a fun-filled place, especially for children. These are activities are just a few of what you and the family can look forward to. Give the children the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Long Island.

Posted on Dec 05 2017

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