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How to Be On Your Best Behavior at Airports

With so many people from different walks of life using airports every day, the crowds at these facilities can sometimes make it seem more like an exercise in controlled chaos rather than an efficient system to move passengers from one location to another.

Whether you are a seasoned airport traveler or have only just recently entered the ranks of frequent flyers, there are some rules of etiquette that are worth keeping in mind. Following these principles will help everyone get along much better and can make all the difference between you having a stressed out flight and one that is productive.

One of the most annoying things people can do at airports is to stand on the moving walkway.

It can make it harder to get to your gate when people stand in clumps on these human-sized conveyer belts, especially when they settle all their bags down, blocking those who want to continue walking, noted a recent article at Boarding Area.

It seems that everyone’s batteries run out of juice at the same time in airports. If you need to charge up your laptop or tablet computer, a smartphone or other mobile device, don’t hog all the electric outlets at the airport’s charging station. Other people will be waiting on you and it’s rude to plug in more than one item. Instead, bring along a miniature travel surge protector with extra outlets so you can share resources with others more easily.

Once you are cleared through security, get out of the way of the people behind you who are waiting to get to their gate. Sometimes passengers seem mesmerized after going through the checkpoint and take their time picking their items out of the bins.

Wait your turn when it comes to boarding. Don’t stand up and start moving toward the entrance until a staffer has called the name of your group. Everyone will get to their destination faster if you follow the instructions!

Islip Limo hopes that you will not experience problems stemming from breaches in etiquette as you fly from one destination to another.

We always do our part to give you a safe, happy and calm experience as our professional drivers transport you to and from the airport.

Islip Limo provides quick, convenient, comfortable and reliable airport transfer car service to JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Airport and many others from the entire Tri-State area as well as all five New York City boroughs.

At Islip Limo, the only thing more impressive than the quality of our services is the diversity of the transportation services we offer.

We provide limousine services, airport transfers, private aviation service, corporate shuttle services, road show ground transportation services, and ground transportation service for meetings and events.

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Islip Limo is committed to combining our great service, excellent reputation, and outstanding record of safety to build long-lasting relationships with our valued clients. We’re here to provide the best transport experience possible.

Posted on Jun 28 2016

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