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9 Time-Proven Tips for Positive Executive Travel Experiences

Executives who consistently have a positive experience while on the road for work usually have a few things in common. They pack wisely and know all the travel best practices. They have a stellar network of travel vendors. And they stay positive in the face of setbacks, because they know all the careful planning in the world won’t prevent something from going wrong. Based on our own experience and those of other seasoned road warriors, here’s how you can be like the most efficient business travelers.

1. Don’t Check Luggage Unless You Have To

As baggage fees continue to rise, checking luggage remains a risk. While your bags will probably make it to your destination, there’s always a chance they could be lost in transition. Make it a goal to take just a carry-on for shorter trips, and know when to check and not. If you can get away with a single bag for two days or three, this will decrease your chances of trip interruption.

2. Notify Your Credit Card Carrier

Unless you’ll be using cash exclusively, call your bank or credit card carriers to inform them you’ll be out of town. This is particularly critical during international travel, when fraud alerts are more sensitive. Gadling cautions that many credit cards don’t offer 24/7 customer service by phone, which can be a challenge when you’re in a different time zone.

3. Order Currency in Advance

With some exceptions, ordering foreign currency well in advance of your business trip from your own bank will get you the best exchange rate possible. Depending on where you’re headed, it can be difficult to find safe and reliable places to exchange money.

4. Share Your Itinerary and Documents

You can never be too prepared. If it’s possible, share your itinerary and copies of your passport and visas with a spouse. While your corporate travel department should also have these items, sharing them with an extra person could come in handy in case of the worst.

5. Nix Vodka on the Plane

It’s tempting to take advantage of the cocktails in first class, but drinking during a flight isn’t always the wisest choice. Long plane rides can dehydrate you, and alcohol can make the problem worse. To prevent yourself from spending your business trip exhausted, buy a large bottle of water once you’ve passed security.

6. Keep Your Bag Packed

If you’re constantly on the road for business travel, it may be wise to keep your bags as close to packed and ready to go as possible. Have a second set of toiletries for travel, and check them to make sure you’ve got enough, so all you have to do is grab them before you go.

7. Set a Bedtime

Every business traveler struggles to stay on top of work while on the road. It may be tempting to pull all-nighters or get less sleep than usual when you’re away from home, but resist the temptation. Set a bedtime, maintain a night routine, and shut off your electronics by the appointed hour.


8. Protect Your Time

Your time isn’t cheap, and it’s a precious, non-renewable resource. Give yourself permission to aggressively protect your time. If this means saying no to extra assignments or phone calls to the home office, or traveling exclusively by chauffeured transportation service so you can stay productive, it’s not a selfish decision. It’s a smart one.

9. Carry Cash

There are many places to tip while you’re on the road. From concierges to hotel housekeeping, you never want to find yourself short and have a colleague cover for you. Carry cash for each business trip, so you can exercise good manners on the go.

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Posted on Aug 30 2016

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