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6 Tips to Make Business Trips More Fun

Travelling for business can be fun for most people when it’s new. However, if you do it often, little annoyances like airport delays, long lines and congestion start getting to you making travel really boring. Our JFK limo service will make the trip less boring and stressful for you by providing you safe, comfortable and luxurious transportation from the airport to your hotel. We understand that traveling is hard and exhausting so we want you to enjoy every minute that you can even if it’s just in the car. With that in mind, here are some other ways you can make business trips more fun:


  1. Avoid the Annoyances

If you plan well ahead, pack everything and leave early, you can save yourself from forgetting things and rushing. Wear outfits and pack light so you won’t be delayed or offended at the security line. Wear earplugs or headphones so you can take a nap and keep your bag behind your legs so you can stretch.


  1. Choose a Scenic Stay

You may think that it’s convenient and cheap to stay at the hotels near the airport, but you will regret it. Opt to stay somewhere away from the city where people are friendly and relaxed.


  1. Visit a Friend

In today’s world, we are making an effort to make networks and connections with people all over the world. If there is someone you know who is around that area, make a point to inform them of your trip so you can have a drink and they can show you the new place. Relaxing with a friend beats staying up in your hotel room alone after work.


  1. Have some Me Time

Most people, especially if they have a family, never really get to be alone and just enjoy their own company. A business trip is one great opportunity to spend some time alone, run a bath, play music and listen to your thoughts. The alone time will revitalize you so you can give more to business the following day and you might just come up with an innovative idea; after all gravity was discovered during the alone time under a tree.


  1. Explore the Town

You will be surprised how many people never actually leave their hotel compound when they go to a new state or country for work. Most conferences or meetings end by 3 pm, so you have the rest of the day to explore the local food joints, clubs, and tourist attractions and even shop a little. Ask a local to tell you where the fun in that town is and head out until sunset.


  1. Do Business Outdoors

No law says you must conduct business in offices and conference rooms. Try to see if you can have your meetings outside in fun places where you can relax while discussing business. Go to the beach with your laptop and work from there and if possible, take your clients or colleagues for a golf match or any other relaxed sport and discuss business there.

Everything in life can be fun or extremely boring depending on how you take it and business travel is no different. It is all about purposely taking some time to do stuff that is fun and not related to work. Find creative ways to bring your family along, make new friends and take a lot of pictures doing weird stuff. Do not forget to use our limo service Long Island when you need to be taken from one place to another and our professional chauffeurs will definitely guide you on ways to have fun while there.

Posted on Sep 19 2017

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