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5 Ways to Stay Safe during Winter Travel

Winter can be an exciting and busy season with events like holiday parties, family dinners, and shopping offers; there is just too much distraction. This distraction may prevent us from focusing on our wellbeing and taking care of ourselves as we have done throughout the year. For this reason, our Bronx Car Service has come up with a comprehensive list of measures we can all take to ensure that we are safe throughout this magical season.

Dressing for the Season

Winter is a season of wind, chill, and snow and with this comes a bunch of fun and distracting activities such as snowballing, sledding, skiing, sledding, skiing, and more. With such fun all around you, it’s easy to get sidetracked and forget to keep warm. However, to safeguard your well-being you will want to ensure that you and your loved ones are dressed appropriately for the cold weather. However, as much as you’re keeping warm, in case of manifestation, remember it is also important that you respond promptly to cold related emergencies such as hypothermia and frostbite by seeking immediate medical advice.

Regularly Check for Weather Updates

A lot of people make the mistake of waiting until the last minute when the storm hits to adjust their travel arrangements but this is a wrong approach. If you regularly check for weather updates, you can anticipate extreme weather conditions ahead of time employ a contingency plan ahead of time. Regularly checking the weather forecast will ensure that you won’t be stranded or blindsided by the extreme winter weather of this season. Remember, even if you’re traveling somewhere warm like California, the domino effect of flight delays and cancellations may affect your flight to this season, so don’t assume you are immune, keep yourself updated at all times during this season.

Despise the Snow Storms

Minimize your travel this season, especially during snowstorms, when the roads are slippery, or when there are other hazardous driving conditions, it’s not worth it. However, if you absolutely have to travel under poor weather conditions, ensure that you and your vehicle are properly equipped to handle it. Equip your car with snow tires and ensure that it is properly serviced before you use it; observe proper winter driving techniques and only drive as fast as the conditions will allow comfortably.

Book Early Flights

Yes, we know, it’s chilly, and we would all love the extra sleep. Nonetheless, even in harsh weather, choosing the time you get to fly is still within your control and we recommend that you take the earliest flights possible. Early morning flights are extremely advantageous because the chances of having your flight delayed by the weather conditions at other airports are slightly minimized and even if you’re flight is delayed, the chances of finding another seat the same day are much higher because you were off to an early start.

Posted on Dec 12 2017

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