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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Practice Mindfulness On Business Trips

Mindfulness is today's hot buzzword, and for good reason. It's practiced by both celebrities and ordinary people as a way to stay centered, reduce stress, and consciously bring good into their lives. Whether you call New York City home or are in town for business, here are the top 5 ways you can practice mindfulness while on the road.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead helps you know what to expect for your business engagements. Write important dates down or enter them in an app: how long you'll be gone; when your flight lands; conference dates and times; crucial meetings with clients. This can help reduce stress and the worry that you might forget something important.

Don't forget to plan ahead for your commute to and from the airport and your corporate events. Whenever you need a ride to or from JFK or La Guardia, give us a call. We will be there when you land, ready to pick you up at the terminal.

Pack Early

Few things add more stress to business trips than neglecting to pack on time. This can only hamper a smooth transition to your flight or corporate event. Try laying out your clothes the night before, and make a packing list so you don't forget essentials like deodorant or toothpaste. In a pinch, you can always get small toiletries at the hotel, but it never hurts to bring your own.

Whether you have one bag or five, or you have a group of colleagues all traveling to the same place, our fleet has a range of vehicles to accommodate your luggage needs. Our Long Island limousine service proudly serves the New York metro region, and we are ready for anything.

Stay Centered

You know the old saying: in the Big Apple, everything happens in a New York minute. Staying centered while juggling fifteen different commitments can be a challenge. Hiring a professional limousine service can help take that stress away. We focus on delivering you promptly to your destination, so you can focus on getting in the zone.

Practice Deep Breathing

Before, during, and even after your flight lands, remember to take deep breaths. Experts recommend trying a cycle of several deep breaths for three minutes to clear your head. Also, consider taking a travel mug of your favorite tea or coffee to bring a taste of home with you while on the road.

You can also reduce hassle at the airport by calling our Bronx car service. Once you've collected your bags, the only thing left to do is meet your chauffeur and be transported to your next destination.

Try a Meditation App

Meditation apps are popping up all over these days. One of the most popular is Headspace, which takes you through 10-minute guided meditation rituals.

Our commitment to duty of care can give you peace of mind. It's reassuring to know that you will be given the highest level of customer service, every single time. Our chauffeurs are thoroughly vetted before they are permitted to drive one of our luxurious vehicles.

Try meditation on your next business trip. You might be surprised at how far it takes you.

Posted on Mar 21 2017

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