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5 Small Idylic Towns to Visit Close to New York City

New York is the biggest city in the world and, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best places to be. But what happens when you get overwhelmed by the big city lights and fuss and feel the need to take a step back and relax? Our advice is to visit some of these idyllic small towns nearby for a little peace, where time stands still and you can hear nature calling your name.


It is not by chance that the small town of Elmira charmed famous author Mark Twain and persuaded him to spend his summers here for over two decades, finding inspiration for masterpieces such as ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ or ‘A Connecticut Yankee to King’s Arthur Court.’ This beautiful hamlet is soaking in cultural landmarks. Visit the Chemung Valley History Museum, the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp, and John W. Jones Museum to learn more about the Civil War and confederate history. Spend the day outside staring at the breathtaking views over Chemung Rivers or hike over 10 miles at the Tanglewood Nature Center, discovering more than 40 exotic and native animals. Continue walking in Mark Twain’s shoes and call it a day in breathtaking scenery, overlooking the sun setting on the valley while having dinner at Top Hill Inn – this is ‘the view that inspired the author’.


Nature is calling, inviting you to enjoy the spectacular sight of the 215-foot-tall Taughannock Falls. Hike, ride the bike or the horse through New York’s one and only Finger Lakes National Forest. Wander around town for some relaxing window shopping while marveling at the Gothic and Greek Revival architecture that dominates the town, spreading that cool vibe that cannot be felt elsewhere. End the day on the main street at some farm-to-table restaurants, enjoy a healthy meal, or plan your next adventure in a vintage coffee shop.


A magnet for quiet seekers, the small hamlet of Aurora seduces its visitors, leaving them speechless in front of beauty and serenity. With less than 100 inhabitants, you will not find a crowd here, but only old-town charm, 19th-century shops, lovely restaurants and inns, and a peaceful atmosphere like nowhere else.


Situated on the banks of Keuka Lake at Depot Park, the small town of Hammondsport is famous for its idyllic Pulteney Square, beautiful gazebo, fine wine, and Craft Beverage Trail. Enjoy a weekend getaway going back in history and learning more about ‘the father of naval aviation and ‘the fastest man on Earth’ at Glenn H. Curtis museum. Since you find yourself on a crystalline lake’s shore, visit the Finger Lakes Boating Museum, admiring the craftsmanship behind the 200 vintage boats displayed here. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn and taste the region's greatest wine. The town is home to Ravines Wine Cellars, Heron Hill Winery, and Pleasant Valley Wine Company, all offering entertaining historical tours on their properties.


Growing in popularity over the years, Lake George became a true destination for New Yorkers wanting to get away from the fuss. Presenting wilderness at its best, this small town is particularly popular during summertime when tourists flood the streets and the lake shore to practice water sports such as parasailing, kayaking,and even scuba diving. Don’t get worried that the town might lose its charm. Despite its growing success, Lake George will never be tamed as it is part of Adirondack Park, the ‘forever wild’ reservation.

 Whether you plan a romantic getaway or simply need to go outside the city gates for the weekend, choose one of these small hamlets to recharge your batteries. Wander around their streets, try new activities, watch the sunset, enjoy a glass of local wine and let their magic invade your spirits. To ensure a stress-free weekend, book our professional car service and have no worries in the world. Our well-trained chauffeurs will safely drive you to your destination, will accompany you along the way, and at the end of your journey, will get you home ready for the next adventure. 

Posted on Nov 24 2022

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