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5 Great Business Books to Read on the Road

business booksIn addition to working on mobile apps, making phone calls, attending meetings, and hosting dinners, you can gain tremendous insight into running a successful business by reading some of the best business books ever written. Obviously, the list is quite lengthy, but because of this, you have many incredible choices that apply to your industry or business in general.


Best-Rated Business Books


The great thing about business books is that you can read while on your flight, taking a limo to your hotel, in between meetings, or after retiring to your room following a busy day. While some people may think business reading is difficult, as a dedicated company owner, you recognize the value of learning from other successful executives.


  1. Choose Yourself—Written by James Altucher, this particular book offers a wealth of inspiration and advice for building yourself up. Through the implementation of core personal practices, you will have no problem facing extreme challenges on the path to success. Although some of the content will make you cringe, you will also find yourself laughing at Altucher’s sense of humor.


  1. The Obstacle Is the Way—Ryan Holliday’s business book is designed to help you improve on self but also performance. Using a simple yet powerful philosophy, you will find it easier to embrace challenges rather than push them away. As a result, you become more innovative and resourceful.


  1. As a Man Thinketh—In this James Allen business book, you benefit from unrivaled wisdom. The book will help you guard your thinking and get your mind more focused. When applied to work, you will see a significant change for the better.


  1. Outliers—As an entrepreneur, Malcom Gladwell has written a book that is a must read. If you are having a problem knowing where to start or who to turn to for mentoring, this book provides the answers needed. Included is a vast collection of stories, as well as studies and common traits that will guide you in the right direction from a business perspective.


  1. The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value—Written by Mitch Cohen and John Sviokla, this book gives you insight into the billionaire community and the qualities, as well as characteristics that define it. This business book analyzes 120 self-made billionaires, determining how creating massive value for other people equates to value for self.


Arriving in Style


You deserve to enjoy some of the benefits that go hand-in-hand with being a business owner. For instance, instead of messing with a rental car or trying to hail a cab, you can schedule to have a chauffeur pick you up at the airport and take you to different business meetings. With this, you arrive in style but without sharing the secret that limousine transportation is actually quite affordable.

Posted on Dec 18 2015

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