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5 Corporate Event Trends in 2022

In a world in constant motion, where everyone is willing to make a stand, business companies make no exception. Only in the last couple of years we have witnessed major shifts such as an accelerated rhythm in hi-tech development and a pandemic that kept us apart for so long. Therefore, organizing a successful corporate event is no longer about giving motivational speeches and presenting the benefits of choosing your product/service, but rather coming up with forward thinking and new ideas that will set your company apart from the competition. Rest assured that your business is going in the right direction by integrating these simple trends when organizing the next corporate event.


After almost two years spent in an early form of ‘metaverse’, in-person meetings are slowly getting back, but still maintaining certain reservations. Keep that in mind when booking the venue: some of your guests will be very happy to initiate person-to-person contact, while others will prefer to stay apart. Make sure that you book a large enough, airy space where everyone feels comfortable. Make a lasting impression by choosing a non-conventional location, not the classical conference hall. Intrigue your audience and get them eager to see what you are planning next.


Including hi-tech objects in a corporate event brings nothing new today - it has been done for years. But how about doing something different? Your guests are carrying and most likely using their mobile phones for taking selfies or chatting during the event, so come up with a brilliant idea that will transform this into something productive rather than a distraction. Be creative and involve them and their phones in the actual presentation. Engage a trending influencer to back up your event and go live, organizing a long-distance performance. Gain not only a stakeholder but impress your audience off the charts.


Talking about surprises, a corporate meeting is too plain without an intriguing guest. These events usually last long hours, and if you only have one or two speakers throughout the day, regardless of their presentation skills or thoughts, the audience might get tired of the same pace. Hire a guest speaker that no one expects, one with a fresh perspective that will sparkle heated debates and will shed a new light on the topic.


For the business gathering to be successful, your guests must be pleased at all times. Catering is a crucial part of any corporate event because it allows them to relax, recharge, socialize, and be prepared for the final part. Keep up with the trend and choose a non-traditional cuisine. Go for something exotic or foreign dining, something that they would not usually order regularly. Make a difference not only through your original ideas but also by providing the greatest gastronomic experience.


Your guests are your partners, and nothing is too extravagant for them. Think about their specifics: some of them might be flying from one meeting to another, and others might come to town, especially for your event. Perhaps the catering experience includes cocktails, so drinking and driving don’t go hand in hand. Make them comfortable by booking our professional car service for their safe transportation. Our well-trained chauffeurs will pick them up from any point and remain at their disposal throughout the day. Whether you choose a luxurious limo, a spacious sedan, or a group vehicle, our fleet will gently accommodate them all. Rest assured, they arrive in style, on time, relaxed, and ready to embrace your ideas. No late runners because of heavy traffic, no parking space issues, and no worries about the ending hour for the event. You just seal the deal!

Remember that nothing must be left to chance when organizing a successful corporate event. The trends are constantly changing, so increase the pace and be one step ahead of the competition. Your achievement depends not only on the quality of your product/service but also on your mastery of indulging your guests.

Posted on Nov 24 2022

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