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4 Tips for Decreasing Corporate Travel Expenses

decrease expensesIf not carefully planned, travel can have a negative impact on the company’s budget. Because travel is part of running a successful company, it is important to learn viable ways to decrease expenses without affecting the business. Fortunately, there are several great options, and four in particular stand out as being the most effective.


Reducing the Cost of Travel


  1. Airport Choices—Instead of flying into and out of international airports, consider using the services of regional airports. This alone will substantiallycut the cost of corporate travel. In addition to more affordable flights, you typically spend less on service taxes. Although regional airports are smaller, most offer casual food and beverage services, nice seating areas, televisions, and Wi-Fi, all without long lines. If you prefer to use limousine services, you can still benefit from Islip airport transportation when flying into or out of a regional airport close to Southampton.


  1. Air Carrier Deals—Another way to spend less on corporate travel involves making arrangements with one particular airline carrier. In this case, you would lock into a deal whereby that one carrier would receive all your corporate travel business. In exchange, you receive nice discounts and various perks.


  1. Travel Agency Booking—If you book all corporate travel through the same travel agency, there is a good chance of saving money. For one thing, the agency will go the extra mile for your business, but also, most travel agencies have connections with airlines, LGA transportation companies, hotels, and so on. As such, they get better deals, with the savings passed down to you.


  1. Consider Hotel Options—Typically, business executives stay in four and five-star hotels and resorts, but if you are interested in cutting back on corporate travel expenses, consider other accommodations. Interestingly, there are many beautiful smaller hotels that still provide outstanding service, beautifully decorated rooms, and top-end amenities at a much lower rate. Another option is to stay at a boutique hotel, which offers a more intimate environment and excellent cost-savings.


Reputable Limousine Service


In addition to the top four ways of saving on corporate travel mentioned above, you can spend less by using the right LGA airport transportation. For instance, most people think that JFK airport limo service is expensive, but when you consider there is no expense for gas, taxes, insurance, parking, tolls, and so on, you will realize that hiring a limo service is actually a more cost-efficient solution than renting a car.

Posted on Feb 09 2016

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