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4 Summer Travel Tips For a Stress-Free Vacation

Well, the long-awaited summer season is here, and we know that most people have summer vacations and getaways planned. Our New York airport transportation service understands that vacation traveling can be tricky, especially when everyone is out and about trying to make the most of the sunny season. The first step to ensuring that you experience easy, stress-free travel this summer is planning, and part of the planning process is edifying yourself on some tips you could apply to make your travel experience as velvety as possible, which is what our limo service in Long Island intends to do.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the most effective summer travel tips that, if applied, will go a long way in making your summer movements stress-free.


Hire a Car Service

Wherever you end up on your getaway this summer, one thing is for sure, you will need a vehicle, or some form of transportation. If the hotel you will be staying at offers its guests free transportation around its environs, then you are lucky.

Otherwise, we recommend that you employ the services of a professional car service such as our Bronx car service for all your transportation needs. Navigating a new city or an unfamiliar part of town can be quite tricky; you don’t need to be wasting any of your precious vacation time asking for directions, reading maps, or using congested and uncomfortable public transportation.

A professional car service like ours provides you with chauffeured transportation in luxury vehicles adorned with numerous deluxe amenities. Let us handle all the navigation as you sit back and enjoy the company of your family/friends in a cool, comfortable setting and wait to be transferred to your next destination.


Sign up for TSA Pre Check

As we have mentioned above, everyone is out and about trying to make the most of their summer. This essentially means that the airport will be crammed with people on their way to various vacation destinations. This also means longer queues and more time at airport security, which as any traveler will tell you, is a nightmare. To make your airport experience much easier, sign up for TSA Pre Check; on average, persons with Pre-Check spend only 5 minutes at airport security.


Look Out for Bonuses

Vacations are enjoyable, but they are no exactly known for being cheap, so keep your eye out for all the ways you can save a couple of bucks during you trip. For example, check at the front desk if there are any freebies or upgrades on offer and you just might find yourself in a better room for the same price or receive complimentary amenities that you would have otherwise paid for.



As you strive to save yourself time and money and reduce the stress of traveling this summer. Remember, this is still the hottest season of the year and moving around will dehydrate you more than it normally would. Keep a bottle of water close at hand and keep sipping to keep your body hydrated, your mind sharp, and your spirits high during your excursion.

Islip Limo specializes in delivering the highest-quality ground transportation. The only thing more impressive than the quality of our services is the diversity of the transportation service we offer.

Posted on Jul 10 2018

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