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4 Reasons Why Fall is our Favorite Season

After much deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that, apart from summer, Fall is our favorite season and the only reason Fall is second to Summer is because Summer comes with an extended holiday period. We have therefore decided to cheer you up in case you are experiencing the post-summer blues by noting down a few of the most compelling reasons why Fall is a great season.

Before we proceed we would also like to encourage you to make your Fall extra special by employing our reliable Long Island Limo Service for all your ground transportation needs for the duration of the season. Our trusted and reliable chauffeurs will transfer you to and from locations of your choosing, whether for business or pleasure, in a safe and expedient manner. All you have to do is sit back, relax, watch the beautiful scenery rash past you as you enjoy a smooth ride in the comfort of our luxury vehicles. Here a few more reasons to look forward to this magical season.



As mentioned, Fall comes with the most amazing scenery of all season. The colors of the leaves change from the contemporary, plain green into all sorts of patterns and colors including orange, yellow, and brown. As you pass by your usual route on your way to work or school you will witness a gradual transformation in the vegetation under the cool semi-warm weather.



Summer may come with the freedom of an extended holiday but with temperatures going as high as 90 degrees and humidity going as high as 80%, it’s hard to really enjoy the outdoors. Winter has a similar problem; it may be pretty, but is also comes with freezing temperatures that just make you want to stay in bed all day. Spring, on the other hand, has great temperatures, but it also brings allergies and staying out for too long can be a pain. Fall, however, has excellent temperature, not too warm, not too cold, and it brings no allergens either, which makes it ideal for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.



For the young and the young at heart. We believe we all fall in one or the other, and even if you don’t, it’s still a much needed break. Halloween is a perfectly placed holiday, it comes about a month after summer is over and it gives everyone a brief break from our usual routines. A break filled with parties and free candy; it’s also a great excuse to dress up, bring out your inner child, and for a moment, get to be whoever you want to be.



There is no better time of the year, other than Christmas, to get together with the family, feast, watch football, and reconnect. Sure, it comes too close to end-of-semester examinations for the students, but that does not take away from the joy the Thanksgiving break brings.

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Posted on Oct 02 2018

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