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4 Limo Etiquette Tips

Limousine services such as our Bronx Car Service work very hard to provide you with the most luxurious vehicles and the most memorable travel experiences you can possibly have on the road. While all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, there are certain limousine etiquette principles that everyone should be aware of. Luckily, these principles are quite easy to follow and they will make the experience better for you and your chauffeur. Internalise them before your next limousine ride and experience the difference.

Observe Hygiene

Limousine services observe a very high standard of cleanliness to ensure that your ride is as comfortable as can be and in turn, you should always try to leave the vehicle as neat and organized as you found it. Do not leave wrappers, empty bottles, and cans lying around when you leave. It really doesn’t take much effort to clean up and dispose of such items in the nearest trash can, so please take the initiative. Also, avoid putting your shoes on the seats to avoid staining them. Remember, the next client also wants to enjoy the same spotless, stainless environment that you are experiencing.  Some limousine services actually impose a cleaning fee if you make a mess, so always be mindful of this.

Seating Positions

Most people hire limousines for special occasions and it is important that you allow the person whose event you are celebrating to have the power seat; that’s the seat right at the back of the limousine. For example, if your colleague paid for the limousine or you are celebrating someone’s birthday, let them occupy the power seat. Additionally, when boarding the vehicle, do not try to enter the vehicle standing up. Instead, sit down and swing your legs in. Otherwise, the already seated passengers will have a close-up view of your back in their faces, which is very uncomfortable for them.

Leaving the Limo

Do not open the door yourself when you arrive at your destination, stay seated until your chauffeur comes around to assist you with the door. The last person to board the limo will be the first to exit while the first will be the last, so be sure to exit systematically. If you happen to be the last to exit, look around to make sure you have not left any trash behind.


Limousine chauffeurs aim to provide you with the best experience; they are polite, courteous, and always ready to help you with anything you need, so do not hesitate to tip them for their exemplary service. A common point of contention for most clients is that they don’t really know what percentage of their bill should constitute an appropriate tip. Well, an appropriate tip is anywhere between 15 and 20 percent of your bill, but if you’re feeling generous, there is no reason why you can’t give more. Remember, as long as your chauffeur has been diligent at his work and has made your experience memorable, they deserve a tip, so don’t hold back.

Posted on Jan 16 2018

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