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4 Great Tips for a Comfortable Hotel Stay

Most hotels that offer accommodations also offer luxuries that surpass the comforts of our own bedrooms. However, these luxurious amenities come at a cost; but they are unavoidable unless you want to go for sterile and outdated alternatives. If your line of work demands that you do a lot of traveling or if you frequently find yourself booking hotel rooms on vacations, our New York Airport Transportation Service has a few tips on how you can make the most of your accommodations, make your stay much more comfortable, and ultimately get value for your money.

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Notify the Hotel of Upcoming Special Events

Assuming your hotel stay happens to coincide with a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, notifying the hotel will give you a chance to upgrade your accommodations or receive complimentary services and packages that the hotel offers guests on distinguished occasions. Notify the hotel before you check in to give them time to make the necessary arrangements and inform you of any special packages and price variations. If you wait to inform the hotel upon arrival it may be too late and any special packages or complimentary upgrades may be fully booked out. So, call the front desk ahead of time.



The truth is, the hotel cannot always accurately predict what kind of entertainment best suits you, and pay-per-view entertainment can be quite expensive, so plan to bring your own entertainment when you travel. For example, if you are going to be traveling with children, pack up their favorite gaming system and simply plug in once you get to your room. If you are on your own or with another adult, pack up your iPod, laptop, favorite book, or portable DVD to keep you sufficiently entertained during your stay. Remember, even if you are traveling for business, there will be some downtime and you will, in all probability, need some entertainment as you unwind.


Join the Loyalty Program

If you find yourself traveling to the same towns/cities and staying at the same hotels, it would be a wise move to join the hotels’ loyalty programs. It takes less than ten minutes to complete most online application forms for loyalty programs and as a loyalty member you will have access to complimentary services and amenities. Most of the time, joining loyalty programs is absolutely free and since you have to stay at the hotel, you might as well earn some points and exploit loyalty perks while you are there, don’t you think?


Be Kind

We cannot emphasize this enough, it costs absolutely nothing to be kind and courteous to the hotel’s staff. A simple hello, a small tip, or a smile towards a staff member’s direction will go a long way. You could get an upgraded room, a late checkout, and a bunch of other perks simply for being pleasant.

Posted on Jun 26 2018

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