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4 Easy Air Travel Tips for a Happier Flight

There will be roughly 50,000 commercial flights in motion today, and they will not even have satisfied the demands of the masses, meaning that they are already congested. As air travel increasingly becomes popular so does the capacity to feel comfortable in one. Fortunately, our Long Island limousine service representatives know just how you can take control of your own comfort and satisfaction when you are on a flight, and this is what we will be sharing in this post.

Consider employing the services of our LaGuardia airport shuttle service for all your transportation needs to and from the airport. Having to do that mad dash when you know you are about to miss your flight is no way to start the journey and it will probably set the pace for your entire flight. Remember, a happy flight does not begin with you on the plane but rather when the journey from home or your hotel begins. Our trusted staff and chauffeurs will handle all the logistics and guarantee that you are at the airport ahead of time, giving you sufficient time to go through security and maybe even grab a snack before its time to board. Now, let’s have a look at a few more ways you can enjoy a happy flight.

Choose Aisle and Window Seats

If you are traveling alone, choose one or the other, but if you are traveling with another person, book one aisle and one window seat, leaving the middle seat open for another person. The middle seat is undoubtedly the most uncomfortable seat and could turn your flight experience into a nightmare. Subsequent passengers will also try to avoid the middle seat, so if you are lucky you may even get a middle seat open to you and your companion. If you do decide mid-flight to seat next to your companion, however, any middle passenger will gladly trade places with you.

Check-in Online

Checking in online saves you a lot of time and the trouble of having to stand in line at the teller. Most airlines will actually provide a luggage drop-off zone only for people who checked-in online. That means you don’t have to deal with any paper work, all you have to do is drop off your luggage and you are good to go.

Fly in the Morning

According to studies, planes actually experience more turbulence as the day proceeds and the earth warms up. That is to say that you are more likely to encounter thunder storms when you fly in the evening that you would in the morning. Morning flights are therefore generally gentler in comparison to late flights.

Bring Pharmaceuticals

If you have trouble sleeping on planes, find out which pharmaceutical option works for you. Just make sure you try the sleeping aid on one of your days off just to be sure that it doesn’t have a negative reaction on you. There are people who experience adverse reactions to sleeping aids and you want to make sure you are not one of them before going on your flight.

At Islip Limo we provide high-quality New York airport transportation solutions that are efficient and comfortable. When it comes to airport transportation solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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