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3 Creative Ways to Turn Your Next Concert Experience into a Memorable Event

This may sound unbelievable, but some studies have actually shown that attending concerts makes people happier. This got the specialists at our limo service in Long Island wondering how can one make this activity even more fulfilling? And we mean something more than just tagging along a friend you haven’t seen in a while. We pondered over this for a while and we are glad to say that we came up with some pretty good ideas that we feel will make your next concert experience that much more fulfilling.

First and foremost, we recommend employing the services of a reputable car service for your ground transportation needs. When attending such an engaging event, you need sufficient time and freedom to really take everything in; you can’t really do this when you have to worry about navigating traffic, finding parking spots, as well as the journey back. With a reliable car service such as our Long Island limousine service, however, all you have to do is sit back in a luxury vehicle and enjoy the deluxe amenities as well as the company of your friends as a professional chauffeur transfers you safely to and from the concert venue. Here are a few more ways you can spice up all your future concert experiences.

1. Small Venues

It is true that large concerts receive the most hype, which is why concert goers all find themselves there. While large concerts are popular, smaller venue concerts are game changers. Small concerts have an average of 300 people and, because they are not overly crowded, you can feel the performer sing directly to you; in other words, smaller concerts are more intimate. We recommend attending smaller concerts, especially for your favorite performers and singers and we guarantee that the experience will be 10 times better than any concert experience you’ve ever had so far.

2. Get there in Time for the Opening Bands

A lot of people delay their arrival to concerts because they assume that the opening performers don’t have that much to offer in comparison to the headliners. This is a misconception; opening bands just don’t have the popularity of the headliners, but this does not mean that the quality of their art is subpar. Attending the concert in time for the opening bands gives you the opportunity to discover excellent artists; who knows, you may even find your new favorite artist in the opening line up. Arriving early also gives you a better opportunity to get the lay of the land before the venue gets crowded, identifying exits, bathrooms, or even spots where you can take a fresh air break if you need to.

3. Tip Bartenders

Apart from the artists you have gone to see, bartenders are arguably the most important people at any concert. Make it a point to tip bartenders well at the concerts you attend because they remember you the next time you attend and, naturally, you will receive better service for your generosity. Treating your bartenders well will result in a reciprocation that will make your concert experience much better for you and your friends during all subsequent events.

Posted on Jan 22 2019

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