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3 Best Cities to Visit after Graduation

It is expected that immediately after graduation you will be filled with nothing but excitement, but the truth is that after graduation you experience a roller coaster of emotions - anxiety, happiness, sadness, uncertainty, and pride. Each emotion takes its turn occupying your mind and this can all become quite exhausting. Well, don’t panic, you have spent all your life in educational facilities and now society is telling you to go out into the world and begin a whole new life, so it’s quite normal to feel anxious.
One way to clear your head and possibly even give you some perspective on which direction you want your life to take is to get away, hit the road, and travel new places, which is why our LaGuardia airport shuttle team has compiled a list of some of the best cities to visit in the United States for your enjoyment after graduation.
This is a trip for relaxation and you, therefore, don’t need to spend half the time driving and trying to navigate unfamiliar streets in an unfamiliar city/town. We, therefore, recommend employing the services of a reliable car service such as our Bronx car service for your ground transportation needs. With our chauffeured service, all you have to do is enjoy a luxurious ride and your companions’ company as you all look forward to your next adventure.
Here are the best cities in the U.S to visit after graduation.

New Orleans

Head over to Louisiana and revel in the magic of this eternally-youthful city. Here you will find the perfect balance between amazing architecture, great food, and exceptional party locations. We recommend visiting the picture perfect French Quarter, hanging out at the recently revamped Art District, and sampling authentic Creole and Cajun delicacies. You will also find a nightlife like no other in New Orleans, the party never stops and the city never sleeps, and, we are sure, neither will you.


Visit the second-largest state in the United States, Texas, and head over to Austin. The city has been known for its amazing musical events featuring everything from samba to indie rock. If you are, however, here for the food, there is a wide array of food trucks and restaurants sprawled across the city. Additionally, with so many universities in Austin, it comes as no surprise that the city streets turn into the Wild Wild West at night; there are tons of bars and night clubs for you and your companions to choose from. With an unofficial motto like ‘Keep Austin Weird’, this city is definitely worth exploring.


If you are truly feeling adventurous, make your way to Alaska and visit Anchorage. This municipality has all the appeal of a modern-day urban city, except it is in close proximity to perfectly preserved wilderness, not a lot of cities in the U.S can say the same. We especially recommend visiting the Anchorage Museum while you are here or taking the Bike Utopia challenge, a tour of the city on a bicycle. Also, head over to the Chugach State Park where you will get to ski, raft, hike, climb, and camp.

Posted on Apr 30 2019

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